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TGI Florida: Your Sanctuary From The Polar Vortex

The winter of 2014 is already one of the record books. And  Florida is undoubtedly seeing record number of escapees from these bone-chilling temperatures. The Sunshine State has long been America's refuge to those seeking sanctuary on this peaceful peninsula, especially during the winter months.

Floridians know the drill and welcome the additional revenue. What they're less receptive to is the traffic problems created by this annual influx of sun-worshippers. If you're making your way south in the hopes of thawing out before spring, here are a few trip-planning tips to see you safely there and back.

Preparing for a Safe Trip

First off, don't be to hasty in chucking your polar gear. You may need some winter garments should your car malfunction en route. Stash plenty of water, and other beverages along with some healthy snack foods in case your be waylaid by inclement weather.

Check the long-term weather forecast for signs of  bad weather, especially heavy rains often associated with large weather makers in the northern or mid-west regions. Taking note of the potential location of the 32 degree line within the weather pattern can also give a good indication of conditions.

Going Native

When in Florida,do as the Floridians do--try public transportation. This is often an excellent choice in vacation regions. Your options are plentiful and inexpensive. Many tourist attractions have local shuttles to and from the area's multitude of vacation lodging facilities, regardless of the region being visited.

Public transportation is not always restricted to major urban areas such as Miami, and even renting a vehicle can be a good decision in some cases, especially for those who fly to the destination. This is also a smart idea if you're on a tight schedule, because the local cabbies and other car-jocks know exactly where they are going and can help you get there on time.

Ignorance of The Law

Nothing can spoil a vacation more easily that being involved in an accident or receiving a citation for a traffic violation. Know what to do, how the laws work, and what will be expected of you. And remember that as a tourist, you're a fish out of water.

Hiring an attorney like http://www.injurylawyers.com/west-palm-beach-auto-accident-attorney/ who is licensed to practice within the state, should be your first action. Florida's insurance and financial recovery laws are not structured exactly like some other no-fault auto insurance states and having an experienced and effective attorney who is familiar with state law is crucial for a maximum claim award and protection of the client's legal rights.

Escaping to the beach is an appealing and popular method of avoiding inclement weather during the winter, but it is always important to plan ahead and consider all possibilities before taking off for the coast on a whim. The entire Florida region is loaded with excellent vacation opportunities that can be enjoyed by individuals of all income and resource levels.

Regardless of the vacation itinerary, planning ahead and considering transportation options is a good decision for a safe, economical and trouble-free vacation. Always do the homework first so you can enjoy the trip with minimal unexpected problems.

Writer LaGeris Underwood Bell wishes all winter migrants who land in sunny Florida safe travels and much fun in the sun. As she braves the arctic temperatures in North Carolina, she also wishes she could hide in their luggage.


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