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The Everyday Wisdom Newsletter Oct 2012
October 01, 2012


October 01, 2012

According to the Georgian calendar, October is the tenth month and one out of seven that have 31 days. October is the eighth month in the old Roman calandar. October retained its name after January and February were added; when the calendar was originally created by the Romans, the year began in March (in honor of the God of War, Mars).

October is the month that starts the fall season. We look forward to the beautiful color changes in the leaves as the trees prepare for a winter's rest. Birds start their migration to get to warmer climates and other animals prepare for the winter. Fall even has its own special smell with leaves burning, the crisp clear days....ahhh what a wonderful time of the year.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For you gals: is it time for a mammogram? Take time to call and schedule one today.

It is also National Disability Employment Awareness month.

The first week of October is Oktoberfest, its time to celebrate with Brats-n-beer.

Important days in October:

3rd Jewish Sukkot
5th Child Health day
7th World Smile Day
9th Fire Prevention day
10th National Angel Food Cake day
12th Columbus day
15th National White Cane Safety day
17th Wear Something Gaudy day
16th National Bosses day
24th United Nations day
25th Mother in law's day
Last Friday of the month is Frankenstein day
31st Halloween

With the fall season starting and as we head into winter we like to be able to give you some tips and information that you may find useful. From our vintage weather tips page here are a few select tidbits.

The first frost of autumn will occur exactly six months after the first thunderstorm in the spring.

When a squirrel eats nuts in a tree, weather as warm as warm can be.

Onion skins very thin; mild winter coming in. Onion skins thick and tough; coming winter cold and rough.

If you have a mild winter expect cool weather in the spring. If spring is windy then look for a cool summer. A dry spring always comes before a wet summer. If the autumn is windy, then expect a mild winter.

For more vintage tips check out this page.

  • Vintage weather tips.

    Here are some articles that you will find interesting and give you some ideas for those days when it will just be a good day to stay inside and enjoy the Fall weather.

  • Restore Old Photographs
  • Where To Find Antique Toy Trains For Sale
  • How To Identify Antique Furniture
  • Coffee Is More Than A Drink It's A Lifestyle
  • Steps To Start A Family History Search
  • First Aid For Frostbite
  • An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!

    Some humor to start the month off right.

    "Ode to getting old"

    Just a line to say I'm living, That I'm not among the dead
    Though I'm getting more forgetful And something's slipping in my head;

    I got used to arthritis, To my dentures I'm resigned.
    I can manage my bifocals, But oh, how much I miss my mind.

    For sometimes I cannot remember When I stand atop the stairs,
    If I must go down for something Or if I've just come up from there.

    And before the fridge, so often My mind is filled with nagging doubt.
    Have I just put food away, or Have I come to take some out.

    I called a friend not long ago, When they answered I just moaned.
    I hung up quickly without speaking, For I'd forgotten who I'd phoned.

    And when the darkness falls upon me I stand alone and scratch my head.
    I don't know if I'm retiring, Or just getting out of bed?

    Once I stood in my own bathroom, Wondering if I'd used the pot.
    I flushed it just in case I had And sat down just in case I'd not.

    So, now if it's my turn to write you. There's no need for getting sore
    It may be that I think I've written And don't need to write no more.

    Now I stand beside the mail box With a face so very red Instead of mailing you the letter ... I have opened it instead.

    For more good jokes visit our humor index page.

    Our wisdom quote of the month...

    "Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials."
    Lin Yutang

    For more great quotes visit our

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