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The Everyday Wisdom Newsletter - January 2009
January 01, 2009

January 2009

The staff at would like to start this new year off by wishing you the best year that you have ever had. We wish you and yours a prosperous year, filled with great health and surrounded with your friends and family.

In 2008, we had tremendous growth to the number of loyal readers, such as yourself, as well as the thousands of new visitors that have found our site. We have added new sections and we have added new staff to help us grow even more for the upcoming year.

Let's first introduce the new staff members:

Sherri Emily Avery is a writer, a fantastic poet, and has great talent for creating graphics. You will be able to preview her talent in our new "Daily Inspiration" section.

Tina Camara has a special talent in helping people with problems and giving them counseling on their questions in the "I Need Advice" section.

Stephanie Perrault is a photographer with a keen eye for taking great shots, which you will also find added to the site.

The addition of these three talented ladies, we believe, will enhance your visits to the site in the coming year.

New sections for you to visit.

Daily Inspiration
We want this section to become one of your favorite sections. We welcome you to mark it as a favorite so you can visit it every day for the daily update. You will find a poem or two, great graphics, humor, and e-cards for you to send to your friends.

The list of poems continues to grow and we plan on adding hundreds more in 2009.

I Need Advice
This is a section for people to ask for advice and to share answers with others. We have often said that sometimes the best solution has already been found by those who have gone through a similar situation.

Many of our sections have undergone change over the last year, and as we continue to grow, we will always have change to deal with. We invite you to preview these sections and contact us to give us your opinion, praise or criticism, or if you can think of a better way to present the information we're open to your suggestions.

Upcoming and New: Poetry Contest!

We are excited to announce that we will be having a yearlong contest in which you (our readers) will be able to submit poems you have written so that others can enjoy them as well. Yes, there will be cash prizes awarded monthly in addition to a grand prize for "Poet of the Year". Click the "contest" link for more information.

Tip of the month... As the cold weather season approaches, it is a good idea to carry an extra jacket or wool blanket in the trunk of your car. Just in case of a breakdown, you donít want to find yourself stuck on the side of the road in a cold car until help arrives.

A bit of humor to start the year off with a laugh...

While visiting a country school, the Chairman of the Board Of Education became provoked at the noise the unruly students were making in the next room.

Angrily, he opened the door and grabbed one of the taller boys who seemed to be doing most of the talking. He dragged the boy to the next room and stood him in the corner.

A few minutes later, a small boy stuck his head in the room and pleaded, "Please, sir, may we have our teacher back?"

For more good jokes visit our humor index page.
We now have 25 pages of humor, plan on 6-7 hours of reading if you read all of the jokes that we have collected.

A little trivia just for fun... Typewriter is the longest word that you can type using only the top row of the keyboard.

Our wisdom quote of the month...

"We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future."

George Bernard Shaw

Thank you for being a visitor to our site! We hope that in some small way we have made a contribution to your life.

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