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The Everyday Wisdom Newsletter 2014
December 01, 2014



December is here and we come to the end of yet another year. The staff at Everyday- Wisdom would like to take this time to say thank you for your continued support. It has been a fantastic year for us. As we celebrate Christmas this year we feel like it is our time honored and religious holiday that we choose to celebrate, so we say Merry Christmas to you our friends.

Give your self the best gift ever. Become debt free

Our society has created the mentality that we need to give others gifts to celebrate the season. Many people spend more than they can actually afford, then use credit cards to buy items that are placed on sale by the merchants. More gifts does not equate into more happiness. Credit card debt carries an interest charge that negates the reduced sales price. For many it is mid summer before Christmas is paid for and then you have to put summer vacation on the cards. Being in debt is the largest form of slavery ever known by man. It is the cause of stress, worry and even the breakup of families. The joy of giving becomes wiped out by the debt created. Gifts should come from the heart without expectations of how much we spent. Give yourself the best present ever become debt free.

Special days in December

Dec 1st Liberation Day, Day With(out) Art Day
Dec 2nd Safety Razor Day
Dec.3rd International Day of Disabled Persons
Dec. 4th Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day
Dec. 5th National Bathtub Party Day, National Communicate With Your Kids Day
Dec. 6th Most Boring Celebrities of the Year Day
Dec. 7th Pearl Harbor Day,
Dec.10th Human Rights Day
Dec.11th Day of the Horse, International Shareware Day
Dec. 12th Gingerbread House Day, National Children's Memorial Day
Dec. 13th Pick A Pathologist Pal Day
Dec. 15th Bill of Rights Day
Dec. 17th Wright Brothers Day, Underdog Day
Dec.18th International Migrants Day
Dec.21st. Forefathers Day. Humbug Day, World Peace, First Day of Winter
Dec 25th

Merry Christmas

Birthdays in Dec

Dec. 1st Richard Pryor Lee Trevino
Dec. 2nd Britney Spears Lucy Lui
Dec. 3rd Daryl Hanna Ozzy Osbourne
Dec. 4th Tyra Banks Wink Martindale
Dec 5th John Rzenik
Dec 6th Andrew Cuomo
Dec 7th Johnny Bench
Dec 8th Teri Hatcher Flip Wilson
Dec 9th. Donny Osmond John Malkovitch
Dec.10th Susan Dey
Dec 11th Teri Garr Brenda Lee
Dec 12th Dionne Warwick Connie Francis
Dec 13th Taylor Swift Ted Nugent
Dec.14th Patty Duke
Dec 15th Tim Conway
Dec.16th William Refrigerator Perry
Dec. 8th Katie Holmes brad Pitt
Dec 19th Robert Urich
Dec.21st Samuel L Jackson
Dec.22nd Diane Sawyer
Dec. 23rd Susan Lucci
Dec. 25th Sissy Spacek Barbara Mandrell Jimmy Buffett
Dec. 27th Cokie Roberts
Dec. 28th Denzel Washington
Dec. 29th Mary Talor Moore)
Dec.30th Tiger Woods Tracey Ullman Davey Jones
Dec. 31st Donna Summer Anthony Hopkins

Here is a Fantastic Christmas Poem.

What Christmas Means To Me
Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2011

Christmas is a time of giving,
And a time to share,
All the love you harbor close,
And to share all your prayer.

It's time to bring those people,
Whom you may not see that much.
Bring them all together,
And they will all feel touched.

It's also time to give,
To all those that are in need.
This should be done all year around,
But this time of year is especially a need.

And when you stop and think,
Of what Christmas means to you.
A sense of joy and happiness,
Is the feelings that will come to you.

Christmas is a warmth,
We all should feel and take note.
How lucky are we all,
To have this feeling in our throat.

So say a little prayer,
To thank the man upstairs.
For giving us a wonderful holiday,
That brings such happy tears.

For more great Poems visit our

  • Poetry Index Page

    For more great Poems visit our

  • Poetry Index Page


    We try to match up some of our articles with the time of the year, here are a few that you might find of interest to you.

  • First Aid For Frostbite
  • Making The Perfect Chocolate Cake!
  • Coffee Is More Than A Drink It's A Lifestyle
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  • Clothing and Accessories Discounts and Sales

    Some humor to start the month off right.

    Why Dogs Are Better Than Kids

    Why Dogs Are Better Than Kids
    It doesn't take 45 minutes to get a dog ready to go outside in the winter.
    Dogs cannot lie.
    Dogs never resist nap time.
    You don't need to get extra phone lines for a dog.
    Dogs don't pester you about getting a kid.
    Dogs don't care if the peas have been touched by the mashed potatoes.
    Dogs are housebroken by the time they are 12 weeks old.
    Your dog is not embarrassed if you sing in public.
    Average cost of sending a dog to school: $42
    Average cost of sending a kid: $173,000

    For more good jokes visit our humor index page.

    Thank you for your continued support for visiting our website! As always we are open to ideas and suggestions. We hope that in some small way we have made a contribution to your life.

    Thank you for your continued support for visiting our website! As always, we are open to ideas and suggestions. Enjoy December

    We hope that in some small way we have made a contribution to your life.

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