Can one really achieve financial freedom? Here we interview Oyvind Hennum, the owner of a web site to help people do exactly that.

Have you ever asked yourself, "How can I achieve financial freedom?" Most of us have. We have found a web site that has a lot of good information on that subject. The owner is Oyvind Hennum. The website is

Everyday Wisdom: Oyvind, you're name is a good indication you're not an American. First, why don't you tell us a little about yourself.

Oyvind: No, I am not an American. I am Norwegian. I have been living a few years both in Denmark and The Netherlands, but for the moment I am back in Norway.

Most people want to achieve financial freedom, but haven't a clue as to how to achieve it. The first thing I noticed about your website is how much good information you provide. What prompted you to pick Financial Freedom for a website?

I chose financial freedom because it is a subject that I have great interest in myself. I have been reading self help and motivational books for long time, and many of the books teaches how to achieve financial freedom.

I love these books, and I love the fact that the theories presented in them are practical and possible to implement. The basic idea with the website is to tell people about these books. The website has expanded to also give tips and advice on budgeting, saving and making money.

Everyday Wisdom: You start your home page with the question, "How can I achieve financial freedom online?" You then answer the question by saying, "I have found that the best people to answer this question are the people who have already achieved financial freedom."

Basically that's what we at Everyday Wisdom, LLC believe as well. Our home page starts out, "What is the easiest and fastest way to solve any problem life throws at you? Answer - find out how someone else successfully solved the problem and then take the same actions they did. There is an excellent chance you'll get the same result. And that will solve your problem quickly with a lot less stress. What an easy course of action!"

So we're both on the same wavelength when it comes to solving problems as quickly and correctly as possible.

Above I said that you provide your visitors with a lot of information. You have articles, book reviews, tests the visitor can take, lots of resources (many are free), tips and so much more.

Oyvind, how do you define financial freedom?

Oyvind: I define financial freedom as being able to pay all my expenses without having a 9 to 5 regular job. For me it is the freedom to do what I like to do, and work with what I love.

I know that many of the teachers and authors define financial freedom as the ability to cover all your expenses with the income of your investments.

Personally I think that definition is a bit discouraging, I think it is possible to feel this freedom if we work with something we love to do.

If we work with something we love to do, it is more of a joy then work.

Everyday Wisdom: You have an article titled "The underlying belief system." Could you briefly touch on how an underlying belief system affects one's chances to achieve financial freedom?

Oyvind: Our subconscious mind governs a lot of our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors.

The less we are aware of the impact of the subconscious, the more we are at its mercy.

So if you have grown up hearing that 'Money does not grow on trees', this idea will be buried deep into the subconscious and affect you unless you actively work to change it.

I have just written a paper on this for my therapist training, and I will put it into a ebook explaining how to work with the subconscious.

Everyday Wisdom: What would you consider the most important idea a teenager would need to understand to get them started in the right direction on the road to achieve financial freedom?

Oyvind: Great question! I love working with the teenagers and I usually work with the ones who have addiction problems and are criminal.

In my experience trying to talk sense into someone’s head is a waste of time.

Especially to teenagers who are in the process of defining who they are and separating themselves from their parents.

The best thing to do is to be a role model, and teach by example.

If you feel like your own example is not the absolute best, then use someone else that has created success for themselves by their own effort.

Tell them about great ones like Edison and Ford, and preferably some local examples they can easily recognize.

Many teenagers are dreaming of having a lot of money like the people you see on MTV, and on other entertainment channels.

Tell them that most of the people who are rich neither can rap or act. Tell them that less then 5% of millionaires are actors, musicians, authors or sports stars.

Seed the thought that everything they set their mind to is possible. This is also a challenge to you because you will need to adopt this idea yourself. Maybe your mind will protest and say; It is not possible!

Do not listen to your mind!

Inducing fear and scaring the teenagers with pictures of poverty and that they will end up in debt if they do not save money and work hard will imprint in their subconscious as a constant worry.

Instead of doing that, help them becoming smart and teach them to use the opportunities available to them.

Everyday Wisdom: What is the last book you reviewed for your website and why did you choose it?

Oyvind: The last book I reviewed was an ebook on internet marketing of a guy who calls himself The Rich Jerk. I chose it because I had heard a lot about it and wanted to check it out. Read the review here:

The book before that was a book called Credit Card Capers - All their dirty tricks exposed! It is about how the credit card issuers uses dirty tricks to charge you more money. The book is great and I recommend everyone owning a credit card reading it. Read the review here:

Everyday Wisdom: Of all the authors you mention on your site or who you review, which would you say has had the most influence on you?

Napoleon Hill with Think and Grow Rich

That book is the best ever.

You can get a free PDF version at my website. But the best is to get a paper version.

I recommend the latest version called:

'Think and Grow Rich - The Original Version, Restored and Revised'

This book is edited by Ross Cornwell of The Mind Power Institute and has annotations, side notes and a great index.

This is absolutely the best version of the book so far. I have read the book several times, and at the moment I am studying another book from Napoleon Hill called 'Keys to Success'

I am also doing an online course for 17 weeks with The Napoleon Hill Foundation, so you can say that I am a dedicated fan. Not a fan for the sake of being a fan but because the principles work.

Everyday Wisdom: What have you learned from creating your web site to help people achieve financial freedom?

Oyvind: I have learned that the time and space from when an idea is born in my head, till it is manifested in my life is as long or short as I choose it to be.

If I do not make a move, nothing happens.

Is there something we haven't covered that you would like to add?

If you ask me, I could go on talking for days about the subjects we have touched here. But I guess that would be a bit to much to read!

I would like to finish the interview with a word of wisdom from a famous man:

'If you believe you can, or you believe you can't... You're right!'

Henry Ford

Everyday Wisdom: Oyvind , thank you for taking the time for this interview on how to achieve financial freedom.

Oyvind: You're welcome.

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