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Acts of Kindness For Better Health

Christmas has a unique way of bringing acts of kindness out in people. When this time of year approaches, people’s moods lift, they no longer find certain aspects of their lives to be bothersome or stressful, and they may seek out ways to show kindness and compassion toward others. In showing concern and kindness toward people whom they do not even know, let alone those people to whom they are related or friends with, people actually improve their own physical and mental health. Studies have shown that random acts of kindness can help people feel better, both physically and emotionally, in several unique ways.

Kind Acts Diminish Anxiety

Many people today struggle with social anxiety and fear going out in public or engaging people whom they do not know. However, when they perform random acts of kindness toward others, socially anxious individuals actually reduce their own stress levels and find new ways to engage other people. When they receive a smile or thank you from someone else, these people may feel more confident about making eye contact and responding to this individual.

Kindness Relieves Depression In the same way, acts of kindness also can relieve depression. People who are depressed often find little to be hopeful or happy about in the world. Their sickness makes them want to close out the world and dwell on their own miseries. However, when they show kindness to others, depression suffers often experience better moods, even if only temporarily. They can experience happiness and optimism without having to rely on their anti-depressants or therapy.

Acts of Kindness Improve Physical Health

People who show acts of kindness toward other people often report that they feel better physically. In fact, people who suffer from high blood pressure and heart disease often find it difficult to engage the outside world. They may become frustrated at what they perceive to be shortsightedness or lack of empathy toward people in general. These people may want to carry out their errands and then go home. However, when they open a door for someone, pick up a dropped package, lend a dime, or show kindness in other ways, people with these health conditions actually experience improved health. Doctors have reported that people with these chronic illnesses have lower blood pressure readings and improved heart function after they show someone compassion and concern.

Compassion and Kindness Lead to Self-Realization

People who randomly show kindness to others are often reported to be more confident and more self-aware than people who refuse to reach out to those around them. It has been shown that people who regularly engage in kind acts have better self-realization and achieve their goals in life faster and better than others who prefer to avoid random human contact. People are more confident and happier through acts of kindness. With the Christmas season fast approaching, now may be the time for people to improve their physical and mental health. They can begin by reaching out to others around them and showing people whom they know and strangers empathy, concern, and kindness. These acts can go a long way in improving a person’s outlook on life in general.

Teresa Stewart, writer of well-being, suggests that in giving kindness to another, you have actually already received it back. If you are fresh out of ideas for inspirational Acts of Kindness, check in daily at Noomii(dot)com in December.


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