Debt: Easy To Get Into, Hard To Get Out!

Getting into debt is so easy to do; getting out of it is another story. We have all had debt at some stage in our life. The problem comes when you live on credit and then it gets to the point where its hard to make the payments each month. You get further behind and the interest builds, and the minimum payments grow larger and larger. We have put this section together to help you find several books that can help you develop a plan to work your way out of debt. Sometimes it’s the mistakes you avoid in life that make all the difference.

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For articles on debt read these pages

  • Why Do So Many Of Us Have Money-Management Problems?
  • Do you spend your money wisely? Or are you financially insane?
  • Become debt free -10 tips from the Simple Debt Free Living Website.
  • Consolidate your credit card debt.
  • Use the snowball method to eliminate debt.


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