Oil Painting... Take Time To Create A Work Of Art.

When the Paint By number paintings were first introduced, my cousin and myself each got some for Christmas gifts. With great pride I was on my way to becoming the next great artist . I followed the instructions and filled in each section with paint making sure not to overlap any sections. My first world class painting looked like well a Paint by Number painting. My cousins had far more artistic talent than I . She blended in the colors overlapped and did everything that I thought was a horrible mistake to her masterpiece. To my dismay it turned out beautiful and hung proudly in the living room for decades. For those of you that have natural talent then all you need is a few pointers and you will be on your way. For the eternal beginner then may I suggest some of these fine books to help you achieve your artistic goals. Whatever your goals and talent level take time to enjoy creating something of beauty.

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