Antique Furniture

I have learned that Antique Furniture has lasted so many years because it was built with the highest quality material available at the time. It was built by craftsmen who took pride in what they were able to create. Each piece was hand made and took days or weeks to make. The price of the piece was not dictated by bottom line profit. The furniture being built today is built on assembly lines using unskilled labors. using the cheapest material possible to enhance the bottom profit line. The furniture of today will never last long enough to become antiques.

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Feb 11, 2008
It's not just furniture.
by: Ed

I don't think it's just antiques versus modern in furniture. It seems to me that in so many cases, quality of materials and craftsmanship are not the same as they were years ago. Very few things seem to last as long as they use to.

That would be one way a company or individual could really set themselves apart from the competition. I think quality still matters to people when they can find it.

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