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A tip on the mental game of hitting the ball.

"Don't try to hit the ball over the fence - try to hit it through the fence! "

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An important hitting tip.

"Keep your head steady throughout. As your body rotates beneath, your chin doesn't move but goes shoulder to shoulder. "

The need for sensitivity to a child's moods (From Ken Singleton, a professional baseball player).

"Show SENSITIVITY to your child’s moods. Be aware that some days kids just aren’t in the mood to play. Also teach your child that everyone has “on” and “off” days - even professional players. "

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One of the hitting theories of Ted Williams.

"... the hitter has to use his head and do his homework. He has to know the answers to questions like: What's the pitcher's best pitch? What did he throw me last time I faced him? What are my strengths and my weaknesses? What does he usually throw on the first pitch? "

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