Benefits of Siding Your Home With Modern Materials

Benefits of Siding for Your Home

The exterior walls of your home add to its beauty, security and value. They insulate your family from the elements year round, especially during long winters, which is critical in areas like Calgary, Canada where the the climate is harshest.

Clapboard and wood siding are popular materials, but neither offers the advantages of vinyl or fiber concrete siding. When you're ready to upgrade the outside of the house, keep in mind the benefits of these modern exteriors.

Reducing Repair Headaches

No one enjoys repainting the house, but wood exteriors fade and peel after four or five years. Restoring your home's good looks requires hours on the ladder scraping, priming and painting. You can hire professionals to do the job, but that's hard on the family budget

Vinyl and fiber concrete siding eliminate this homeowner's chore, and both are long-lasting solutions to routine exterior maintenance. Companies like Greg Martineau Projects now only use the best vinyl and fiber cement siding. Neither material rots or buckles, and both are impervious to weather and insect damage. These modern materials cost less than traditional wood siding, so your initial investment quickly adds up to long-term savings. Vinyl and fiber concrete siding are also fire-resistant and add an extra layer of security to your home.

Keeping the Weather Outside

Insulated windows and tight-fitting doors help keep the harsh Calgary winters from chilling your family, but your home's exterior walls are its best defense against chilly rain and freezing winds. Snow and sleet take a toll on wood siding, and it doesn't hold up well to temperature extremes.

Modern sidings are installed with insulated backing that keeps your home warmer during the winter and holds down the cost of fuel bills. This same protection helps the house stay cooler in the summer, so your family enjoys a comfortable home year round. These tough exteriors are fabricated with the strength to withstand years of driving rain, high wind and hail storms.

Adding Versatile Beauty

While their names sound as functional as the materials that make them durable, vinyl and concrete fiber sidings offer wonderful options for enhancing your home's beauty. Both are available in a variety of colors, styles and textures, so you can enjoy the look of wood or stucco without the maintenance headaches. Both siding types can be painted for a custom effect that lasts far longer than clapboard or wood siding.

Concrete fiber siding is especially versatile for designing architectural accents such as octagons and half-rounds. It's an excellent choice for historic restorations because it can easily be fabricated to replicate original building materials. According to the website of Greg Martineau Projects, quality fiber cement siding “is built to withstand dry heat, heavy rain, ice and snow, below freezing temperatures and hurricane force winds.” Both exteriors can be installed with horizontal or vertical lap effects giving you unlimited design options.

The advantages of modern siding over traditional materials add up quickly. Vinyl and fiber concrete are less expensive than wood siding, both last much longer, and they provide your home with a level of protection that isn't possible with other materials. Professional installations are fast, affordable and come with valuable warranties. Holding down fuel costs is important, but the benefits of siding using modern materials also saves you money on repairs and repainting. Add that to years of care-free exterior beauty for your home, and your investment is priceless.

Melanie Fleury is a researcher who has experienced harsh weather conditions in the mountains, but not as severe as those in Calgary. Since 1995, Greg Martineau Projects has earned an unparalleled reputation in Calgary for providing their customers with quality window, door, and siding upgrades and renovations. They pride themselves on building life-long customers and are committed to exceeding their expectations. We want to thank Melanie for this article on the benefits of siding. Protecting your home is very important and this information will help you do that.


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