Here are some bowling tips to help you bowl a better score.

Bowling is fun. These bowling tips will add to your pleasure as your scoring gets better. Share them with your family as it will add to the whole family experience.

Let's get started.

A tip on correct form.

"Shoulders Square

For consistent deliveries, keep your shoulders square to the foul line at all times. A "dropped" shoulder can send the ball wide every time. This often happens when you rush your approach. Maintain a moderate approach speed and be aware of your shoulders during delivery."

The need at times to use bowler's tape.

"If your thumb feels loose today don't squeeze until your thumb swells. Use bowlers tape. This is more vital than you may think. Squeezing with your thumb or fingers is not only discomforting when swelling occurs, but can also result in inconsistent shot making."

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Making a spare.

"First of all, the best way to approach any single pin spare is to go directly for it. Learning how to throw a straight ball to certain areas of the lane will increase your spare percentages immediately. "

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How to get more control over your bowling ball.

"Bend Your Knees

As you release the ball, bend your knees as far as you possibly (and comfortably!) can. This puts you lower to the floor and can help control the ball. "

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Preparing the ball for a better grip.

"Using Insert Tape : Bowling Tip

The use of insert tape for the thumb hole is very important. Having a good grip on the ball is a necessity to a relaxed swing. Using white textured tape on the gripping side of the hole seems to work best. It gives you something to hold onto without really having to grip tightly. A recommended fit would have your thumb exit the ball smoothly without hanging up or slipping off. This will also allow for a smooth and loose arm swing which helps greatly in repeating shots. If the ball feels like it is slipping, add a piece of tape. If you feel that it is a little snug, remove a piece. This is much easier than altering your grip."

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