Tips to buy a new car.

If you are going to buy a new car, you have a lot to consider. After all, this is probably the second most expensive consumer item you will buy.

If you were going to war, you'd want weapons to help you defeat the enemy. Well, at times it can feel as if you are in a war when you buy a new automobile.

These tips can help you save time and money.

A simple way to save money when you have a new car to buy.

Are you a person who hates to negotiate when you go to buy a new car? There is a better way. Join Costco. That's right, join Costco. They have already pre-negotiated a price for their members. They are always looking for new ways to save their members money. This is one of them.

Here's what Costco says about their new car buying program: Our prearranged "member-only" prices are, on average, $1,000 lower that the best prices non-members are able to negotiate on the same new vehicles."

Many car dealers have signed up to be part of Costco's program. Over 2400 dealers>

A good tip to know when you decide to buy a car - finance through a credit union or an online bank.

To pay less in interest on your new car loan, get your financing completed before you go to buy a car. Car dealerships make a ton of money on financing. Most people don't consider where to get their financing until they are at the dealership. That's a mistake you can avoid.

Where should you get your financing? To get the lowest rates, check out credit unions and online banks. Never thought of that? Most people don't.

A source of income as important to the dealership as the sale of the car.

"What the car dealers don't want you to know is that they make as much, and often more money from arranging the car loan then they do on the car deal itself! "

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What you should read before buying a new car.

"Read the April issue of Consumer Reports. If you don't subscribe, your library has it, often in a hard bound edition. Pay special attention to the repair records and the crash reports. "


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