Check this Campers Checklist before leaving the house so you won't forget something important.

Don't ruin your camping trip by leaving something behind. Here's a campers checklist to help make your trip an enjoyable one.

___ Tent/shelter (waterproof) ___ Cell phone/whistle or other communication
___ Sleeping bag - stuff sack rated for season ___ Trash bags
___ Sleeping pad/roll ___ Food (bring extra)
___ First aid kit ___ Knife
___ Clothing to suit weather ___ Map(s)
___ Waterproof coat / poncho ___ Compass
___ Waterproof pants ___ Insect repellent
___ Extra clothes  ___ Sunscreen 
___ Extra socks  ___ Toilet paper 
___ Extra shoes to wear
at campsite 
___ Lantern / candles 
___ Matches / lighter  ___ Watch 
___ Stove / fuel  ___ Sunglasses 
___ Flash light  ___ Hat 
___ Latrine shovel  ___ Bandana 
___ Small towel   ___ Pans /plates /utensils 
___ Batteries  ___ Potholder 
___ Length of rope to tie up food  ___ Coffee pot 
___ Plenty of bottled water  ___ Coolers 
___ Sewing kit  ___ Items to mend or repair tent 
___ Snake bite kit ___ Canteen
___ Pepto Bismal   ___ Plastic cups/glasses 

When going into an area to camp or hike check in with local authorities such as the Sheriffs office or Park Ranger. It is a good idea to let them know where you plan on camping, how long you plan on staying and how many people are in your party. Let them know what day you expect to leave the area. After you have completed your stay, check back in with them so they know that you are safe and on your way home.

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