Cape Verde Holidays

Cape Verde Holidays

by Marcus Wilkins

If you are in surfing or windsurfing and looking for somewhere different for your next vacation why not consider taking a trip to the Cape Verde Islands. In fact, Cape Verde holidays have become extremely popular with all those involved in the above mentioned water sports because of the trade winds that blow in on to the Islands shores.

The trade winds provide almost perfect conditions throughout the year for these particular water sports and Sal Island has gained an extremely good reputation over the years. Especially with all those in the surfing community yet it still offers plenty to those who want to just relax and unwind, as it has some really beautiful white sandy beaches as well.

As for getting to the Cape Verde Islands there is an airport situated on Sal Island and which is located close to the Santa Maria. This is the main tourist part of the island and so after only arriving a short time ago you could soon be settling in to your accommodation and enjoying a great vacation.

However if you wish to venture further a field to the other islands within the Cape Verde group then you need to get the ferry. This is a regular service and offers you the chance to explore and view some really breathtaking scenery on these volcanic islands.

Along with the beautiful scenery, that each of the volcanic islands in the group has to offer there is also a great wealth of different foods for you to try. Fish on these islands is a speciality and many of the recipes used have distinctive Portuguese and African elements to them.

Even though the islands are located just off the West Coast of Africa for a considerable time there was a large Portuguese colony living on them. As you wander around the streets of the islands towns, you will notice strong influences in the architecture that has come from Portugal during the time that the colony was here.

Yet although the buildings are strongly influenced by what those who built up the Portuguese colony brought with them. There are other things which clearly show their influence on the people who lived on Cape Verde before them. One such thing is their music. Although their music is known as Morna, it is very similar and has been strongly influenced by the Fado music, which comes from Portugal.

So if you are looking for a vacation that offers you the chance to enjoy some great water sports as well as just being able to relax and soak up a little bit of sun. Then Cape Verde holidays may be something that you should seriously be considering for your next vacation. As you will soon discover by carry out a quick search of the internet there are plenty of websites offering you great deals on such holidays and all can be booked in a matter of minutes.

Before you begin thinking about your next holiday destination, browse through at what ( Cape Verde Holidays are available right now. If you'd like to try an alternative holiday destination then browse through these other holiday homes

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