Carrying Firearms: The Importance of Responsibility

The past few years have produced huge disagreements over carrying firearms and what types of guns people should be allowed to own amongst American citizens. Another portion of this debate, however, is who should be allowed to carry them. While the debate rages on, the majority of Americans are still capable of purchasing, owning and even carrying their firearms in public. It's important to realize, however, that this is more than just a right. It's a responsibility, and when a person is lax in living up to this responsibility, serious repercussions can follow.

Laws Related to Carrying Firearms

There are a variety of laws related to the right to carry firearms. Unfortunately, these laws exist on a state-by-state basis, and this means that a certain behavior in one state may be considered a crime in another. Luckily, in the majority of cases, individuals at least have the right to own a weapon and carry it on their person under certain circumstances. Before they can carry weapons in public, however, it's usually required that they purchase a concealed carry permit.

In reality, anyone who is allowed to carry a gun with them should at least consider it. Repeated tragedies related to gunmen continuously occur throughout the country, and regardless of what some people may lead others to believe, there aren't many out there who wouldn't like to have a gun on them in an active shooter situation. It's important, though, to have appropriate training in these situations, and even after undergoing this training, it's essential to check state law to find out where it's okay to carry weapons.

Potential Consequences of Mistakes

Some errors, regardless of intentional or accidental, can cause serious repercussions for a gun owner. If a child manages to get a hold of a person's gun and kills someone, for instance, the possibility of reckless manslaughter or other felonious charges could loom on the horizon. In other instances, such as when a person isn't supposed to own a firearm, they could also face serious charges. In one such case, a Las Vegas man was sentenced to 35 years in prison for this charge.

Unfortunately for those charged with the aforementioned crime, possessing a firearm after a felony conviction can lead to a life sentence. Regardless of the criminal charge a person faces, however, it's imperative that they speak with a criminal defense attorney. As oneLas Vegas criminal lawyer states "Being charged with a criminal offense can be a frightening and confusing experience." Everyone makes mistakes, but facing criminal gun charges without legal representation could prove to be their most costly.

The Responsibility of Carrying

Those who carry firearms have a host of responsibilities. One of the most important is that towards society. It's imperative that they never put innocent individuals at risk. This means that it's imperative, regardless of what a state's law says, to not carry while intoxicated. Additionally, carrying a less lethal defense weapon, such as a knife or pepper spray, can help avoid collateral damage when an attacker isn't wielding a gun.

Additionally, it's also essential to be well trained in the use of and carrying firearms. Training classes will often cover other responsibilities of gun owners as well, so these courses can really come in handy. Lastly, it's a gun owner's responsibility to never carry in an area where guns are prohibited. This can include schools, government buildings or any other place designated by statute.

Even many of the most ardent gun control supporters wouldn't stand behind an outright ban on all firearms, but gun owners must also recognize that they have a responsibility when practicing their constitutional right. Without some measure of responsibility, terrible tragedies can occur; and when this happens, that gun owner could face potentially life-changing legal consequences.

Lisa Coleman shares the importance of acting responsibly when carrying firearms, and the legal consequences that can occur when not. She recently viewed online how a Las Vegas criminal lawyer can legally represent and counsel a client when faced with a criminal charge.


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