It's so easy to forget something important. If you use our "Checklists For Life," you'll be less likely to leave something important undone.

Why checklists for life? It's because it's easy to forget something important. Especially if you're under pressure. The cure is easy... have a checklist so you check off each item without having to remember.

My father, Hy Kalski, always said, "It's the mistakes you don't make that get you ahead." Yes, that is kind of a weird way of looking at things. But the fact is, you can make mistakes so bad, that push you so far back, it's hard to make much of a comeback. These checklists can help you avoid some important mistakes.

This is a new section. There will be lots of checklists for each category of your life. We're sure you'll find one that will strike a nerve and you'll want to keep.

Emergency Preparedness Checklist - from FEMA

The next time disaster strikes, you may not have much time to act. Prepare now for a sudden emergency. Learn how to protect yourself and cope with disaster by planning ahead. This checklist will help you get started. FEMA Emergency Checklist.

Camper's Checklist

Going on a camping trip? Before you go, check out our campers checklist so you won't leave something important behind. Camper's Checklist.

Moving/Relocation Checklists

Moving can be such a pain. Changing over the utilities, forwarding the mail, notifying creditors, and all the packing can be one big hassle. With a mover's checklist you can make the process quite a bit easier.

The Mover's Checklist
A Relocation Checklist For The Forgetful

Vacation Checklist

Planning on traveling soon? With the hundreds of things on your mind to plan for and do before leaving town, use this handy "Vacation Checklist" so you don't leave anything behind! Vacation Checklist

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