Want a clean home?
Here are some tips to make your efforts easier.

Keeping a clean home is not easy. It's a real chore. And it takes time. But like everything else, there are easy ways and hard ways to do it. Here are some tips to make your life easier.

How to Remove Gum.

"Removing Gum Gum can be removed using ice to harden and a dull knife to remove."

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When there is a lot to clean, here is a key:

"Divide and conquer. Many people become overwhelmed at the thought of cleaning their entire home at one time. A professional breaks a home into sections cleaning one section then moving to the next. Here is a basic outline to follow. Adjust the sections according to the layout of your home."

How to get ballpoint pen marks off wood, painted surfaces and wallpaper.

"Ballpoint Pen Marks

Wood or Painted surfaces - use distilled white vinegar. Dab it on with a clean rag, then blot off. repeat as often as needed until the marks come off.

Wallpaper - dampen spot with water, then apply a very light coat of hair spray. Let it set a minute, then blot with a dry rag."

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How to motivate yourself so you have a clean home.

"If you need to get yourself motivated to clean, one of the toughest things can be the feeling that things get worse before they get better. A simple tip for getting over this hump is making sure you start with something that will have a gratifying immediate result. There are tasks that can take hours and not have results as dramatic as simply picking up all of your dirty laundry or going through the den and choosing 10 unnecessary things to throw out."

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Deep cleaning your home


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