Cloud Storage In Tech Speak

Not the Fluffy White Ones: Cloud Storage in Tech Speak

If you are like the average person, the extent of your knowledge about computers is the on and off switch, the send button, and how to access your favorite programs. Most people do not put much more thought into computers, data storage, or any other technical term because it simply does not apply to them.

The way that computers and the Internet are rapidly changing and expanding, however, means more people will need to know and understand computing terms so that they can continue to use their computer effectively. Gone are the days of finding a computer program on a store shelf and coming home and loading it into the computer. The days of saving everything to your hard drive have also slipped into the past. Now, it is all done in “the cloud” and even this is changing every day.

What Is The Cloud

The “Cloud” is a term used in technical language to describe a centralized point for computer information. In the past, a person needed to purchase a storage solution for their computer, such as discs, to back up their information. Now, by using the cloud, a person can store all of their information in a centralized point and access it when required or necessary.

Using a cloud for storage helps eliminate the need for excessively large storage units on personal computers and the need to continually back up your computer to discs or thumb drives. It is a way to manage data without having to implement complicated strategies for both personal and business information. It is also a way to protect your data.

Cloud computing also includes shared programming. In the past, if you wanted access to a specific computer program, you had to purchase that program and install it on your own system. This left many people unable to use programs due to cost or availability.

Now, using cloud technology, people can subscribe to a program and access it at any time for a very small fee. Cloud computing is creating opportunities that were not available, and reducing the costs to the everyday consumer.

Overall, cloud computing and storage is just a way for people to access more services at faster speeds without the constraints of large expenses or extensive training.

Will The Cloud Remain?

Cloud storage and computing are the wave of the future for computers. This method of data storage and distribution has enhanced business and personal computer use to a point in which there could be no turning back. Cloud storage offers many advantages over storing data on site, including retrieving data unharmed after a viral attack or system failure. 

The growth of cloud storage is evident in companies like QTS, Quality Tech Services, which started with just one location in the Midwest a few years ago. Now they boast several locations all throughout the country and show no signs of slowing down.

Everyday computer users will need to become more familiar with cloud storage and computing if they intend to continue using their computers in the future. It is predicted that all computer data will be handled in this manner by the end of the decade.

Researcher Melanie Fleury spends a lot of time working on the computer and navigating the web. She enjoys learning about new technology.


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