Auto Collision Claims: When You Settle Too Soon

Collision Claims How Important Are They

Most individuals head out in the morning with the express belief that they'll finish their day and return safely to their home. Unfortunately, this doesn't always occur as planned. In fact, the average American driver will have to file an auto insurance claim once every 17.9 years. Fortunately, minor fender benders can be quite easy to handle with insurance companies, but if serious damage or injuries occur, the whole situation can become more complicated. Sadly, many people in these situations accept a settlement offer much too quickly.

The Collision Claims Process

When a minor accident that causes no injuries occurs, most insurers will simply reimburse a person the amount of money necessary to get them back on the road. In most cases, drivers have no problem with this. When injuries do occur, however, the costs related to fully compensating a person can get much higher. This will lead many insurers to attempt to avoid paying a person what they fairly deserve.

The claims process will begin when an individual files a collision claims with a negligent driver's insurance company. If successful, this claim will end with the victim being compensated for their injuries, lost income, property damage and even pain and suffering. An adjuster will likely ask questions related to the accident and request documentation showing just how much an injury actually cost. In many instances, they'll make settlement offers quickly, and in some cases, these offers may even seem fair. Sadly, drivers often later find out that they were duped.

Repercussions of hasty Settlements

There are several repercussions related to accepting a settlement offer too quickly. Many people will automatically assume that the only consequence is a lower settlement, and while this is one of the outcomes, there are actually several others.

1. Lower Settlements

As mentioned, accepting a quick offer from an adjuster can result in a low settlement. The settlement process is basically a negotiation, and every driver should recognize that the insurer is never going to start with their best offer. If they were to do this, they aren't in a position to raise their offer to avoid litigation. In many cases, though, an attorney can still assist in getting fair compensation in a timely manner. This is because insurers will usually offer a fair settlement the first time around if they know that an individual is being legally represented.

2. Untreated Injuries

Some settlement offers may seem fair when a person looks at their medical bills, but many people don't consider the fact that their current medical bills may not be the end of the story. Several injuries, including those as seemingly minor as whiplash, can lead to long-lasting physical ailments that require further treatment in the future. If a person accepts a settlement without considering this, they may not be able to afford future medical treatment related to their injury.

3. Failure to fully Compensate

It's also important to note that insurers will often try to downplay damages such as pain and suffering. Unfortunately, a person without an attorney will likely not recognize this and may accept an offer that doesn't include compensation for these damages. Recently in San Antonio, for instance, a car and street sweeper collided. In this case, retaining a San Antonio car accident attorney for this case would be advised. If the car driver's family accepts a settlement too quickly, they may not realize that they left substantial financial help on the table by blindly trusting an insurer. An experienced legal representative would be equipped to counsel and represent such a case to help ensure that the family's interests were being looked after.

No one wants to be in a position where they have to fight for compensation related to injuries they've sustained in a car accident. Sadly, this happens to individuals every single day in America. Even worse is the fact that many insurers will try to take advantage of a person's lack of legal knowledge to secure a low settlement payment. Fortunately, individuals who know how important a bit of patience and legal help can be are much more likely to come out on top after an accident.

Lisa Coleman shares some reasons why settling too soon on an collision claims is not a wise choice, and how an experienced legal professional can help. She recently viewed online how a San Antonio car accident attorney group could help counsel and represent a client when filing such a claim.

We want to thank our guest author Lisa for this outstanding article on filing Auto Collision claims.


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