Convicted of a DUI...Rebuilding Your Life Afterwards.

Have you been convicted of a DUI here are some tips to help you as you start repairing your Life:

Rebuilding your life after a DUI conviction can be a little difficult, but it is not impossible. As one Philadelphia DUI attorney says, a DUI can have a far reaching implication into many aspects of your life. Thankfully, those who have gone through this type of event can rely on many resources to help them regroup and rebound from this event.

The Impact Of A DUI

Many people who have been convicted of a DUI may think that the only thing that a person needs to do is pay their fines and move on. They do not realize that there are many other things that are directly impacted by this type of conviction. Some of the most common problems are:

Financial Problems.

The fines and penalties associated with this type of conviction are very high. Additionally, there will be a significant increase in personal car insurance rates.

Employment Issues<

. Some people with a DUI conviction will lose their job. Inability to get to work because their license has been revoked is the leading cause of dismissal. Also, those who drive for a living will be let go because they will be too high of a risk for the company insurer to cover.

Personal Issues.

In many circumstances, a DUI is a sign of a deeper drinking problem. It is less common for someone to be arrested for this offense that was just out partying one night, than it is to arrest someone who is suffering from alcoholism. This problem will need to be addressed.

Social Issues.

There will be the embarrassment and uncomfortable feeling that you will have around friends and family for a period of time after being convicted. This can lead to relationship strains.

Not All Hope Is Lost

For each of the items listed above, there is help available. Charitable organizations, state sponsored organizations, and private entities may all have programs that can help you reclaim your life after a DUI conviction.

Financial Problems.

There are many agencies that can assist you with financial issues, such as needing food, paying utilities, or catching up on your rent or mortgage. You can also contact your insurance company and find out if there are any programs that will help you reduce your rates. Many companies offer a reduction in rates, even after a DUI conviction, if you attend one of their approved traffic schools.

Employment Issues.

If you lose your job due to the being convicted of a DUI, there are job agencies sponsored by the state that can help you find a position. You must tell them of your situation so that they can work with the employers to get you back to work. Many private temp agencies are also willing to work with someone who has limited access to transportation.

Personal Issues.

Even if you do not want to admit it out loud that you may have a drinking problem, inside you know there is an issue. You can address this problem in many different manners. There is counseling available, rehabilitation programs and 12 step gatherings that all may assist you in this battle.

Relationship Issues.

You may need counseling to solve some of these issues, or you just may need time to let things work out. Programs like Alcoholics Anonymous can help you to face your problems and make amends with those that you may have hurt.

Just remember that rebuilding your life after a DUI conviction is not impossible, it just takes some effort. If you are facing a DUI conviction, seek a reputable attorney who will help build a strong defense so that you can resolve your case as quickly and painlessly as possible.

After having a loved one convicted of a DUI, Melanie Fleurybecame well versed in the financial, emotional , and mental stress that such as charge carries. Taking the advice of lawyers like Philadelphia DUI attorney Steve E. Kellis and getting legal counsel helped to reduce charges of her loved one so that he could begin the rebuilding process as quickly as possible.


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