Considering A Costa Rican Destination Wedding?

You may be thinking that arranging a Costa Rican destination wedding is just a dream but we're offering this information to help make that dream become a reality!

Costa Rica, a real tropical paradise, has some really scenic tropical beaches, and hotels and resorts that are priced right for just about any budget, big or small. The idea of having a Costa Rican destination wedding, or to any other destination for that matter, is more likely to be considered by those who are wishing to get away from the traditional church wedding and hoping to get away to enjoy a different kind of scenery, where the sunsets and sunrises are breathtaking and to enjoy a more peaceful kind of setting that really makes having a wedding more worthwhile.

Some of the more experienced tour companies have special rates for wedding/vacation packages for couples that want to have a destination wedding and vacation for their wedding party and incorporating a honeymoon at the same time. Some packages are cheaper when booked at the group rate. This is to make it more affordable for members of your wedding party, friends, family, and other guests to be able to travel at a cheap rate.

There are many tour companies that offer wedding/honeymoon/vacation packages. For example, Costa Rican Tours, Inc., which is based in Costa Rica, offers wedding packages for as low as $500-$1,000, and in most cases, all you have to do is handle the legalities and paperwork to get married in Costa Rica.

The U.S. Embassy or Costa Rican consulate will have the required paperwork needed to marry in a foreign land. Usually, the only thing that you must provide, if you're not single, is a copy of your divorce or annulment decree to prove your marriage was legally dissolved in a court of law in the United States.

The cost you pay can go to cover the flowers, food, and entertainment since many hotels provide this for one price to make it less expensive. They know it's not cheap to fly to Costa Rica at certain times of the year (airfares can be super high during the high peak travel season) and not everyone can travel for your Costa Rican destination wedding, especially if your guests have to take off from school and work to attend.

Keep in mind that most couples getting married in destination weddings usually won't have a lot of people attending because not everyone can afford to jet off to some exotic location. By the same token, however, many couples use this excuse and just elope, avoiding arguments and making it difficult for any unwanted guests to come to the wedding.

In most instances, couples who chose a destination wedding don't regret it because it was such a positive experience. They get married with less of a hassle (i.e., dealing with ungrateful relatives and friends), and have gone through the most special time of their lives just being with the one they love. They typically do not have to worry about the expense many couples face after the wedding when having to pay for it themselves. Many couples face paying off the cost of a traditional wedding for at least 2-5 years after they are married. This is one reason why having a destination wedding is so attractive, because they can be so inexpensive in comparison.

If you choose to have a Costa Rican destination wedding, we wish you the best and hope you lifetime of happiness together.


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