Taking a cruise vacation? Here are some tips to help you in case of seasickness!

Thinking about planning a cruise vacation but fear that well known rumor of "everyone" getting seasick? After spending four years in the US Navy and watching the new recruits get seasick, it is no wonder why so many people hesitate to go on a cruise vacation. One must realize, however, that the experience onboard a large cruise ship is much, much different than being on a small vessel or fishing boat. Putting off going on a cruise just because you have heard that so many people get seasick once they are on board is not a sufficient excuse to miss one of life's great experiences!

If you are like most people, you probably aren't too keen on the thought of taking prescribed medicines to help relieve nausea, mainly because those kinds of medications do typically tend to cause drowsiness. Because of all the excitement going on on a cruise ship with all the fun things planned for all the guests, you surely wouldn't want to be asleep while on your cruise vacation and miss out on any kind of fun at all.

In this article we hope to make you feel better about going on a cruise vacation by providing some of the other options you have to help relieve you from any nausea or motion sickness that you might experience during your cruise. It is very important to learn about all of this now, before ever deciding to take a cruise vacation, as you certainly do not want to wait until you get onboard to try and figure out what you are supposed to do about the inconvenience of any seasickness you might experience.

Taking a cruise vacation is a time when you are supposed to be able to cut loose and have yourself an incredible time rather than having to deal with any kind of seasickness, which will put a huge damper on your entire vacation and ruin what should otherwise be a terrific and very memorable vacation.

There is an assortment of things one can try to avoid the dizziness, nausea, or vomiting that can sometimes occur when taking a cruise. Knowing ahead of time the different things one can try is very important to ensure that you do get the chance to have a really good time!

Do some research before choosing to go on any cruise and become more familiar with the entire cruise experience. In doing this research, you will find that the big cruise ships today all have stabilizing fins which help to keep the motion to a minimum, making the movement felt by passengers hardly noticeable at all.

If unfortunately you do begin to feel sick to your stomach while on your cruise, the best thing for you to do is to just go for a walk. Walking is actually one of the easiest and best ways to prevent this feeling from coming up, and if you are already having that feeling, it will decrease once you begin taking a good walk. Getting fresh air and the exercise are good measures to help prevent you from getting seasick.

If you can look out or go to a deck where you can see the horizon, this will also help keep you from getting motion sickness.

Never get in the cabin and watch your feet or water that is setting in a glass; this will only magnify your sense of motion.

Avoid alcoholic drinks for the first day; this will give you time to adjust to the movement of the ship.

One of the great things about a cruise is there is always food to eat! Having meals and plenty of snacks during the day will also help limit the chances of you becoming sick.

Another helpful tip for a more pleasurable and sick-free cruise experience is that whenever you are planning a cruise, make sure that your sleep area is located in a central location of the ship. This is because you want to avoid the other areas that make you feel every little push or pull motion, not to mention the fact that you will be able to hear all of the loud noises that go on under the ship, which is never a good thing if you have a cabin that is not centrally located.

Going on cruise vacation can be a fascinating experience for most of us. For others, going on a cruise and becoming ill can be a complete and total disaster, something that none of us want to deal with. Finding out the kind of information we've provided here before you plan your cruise is real important. For those of you who have been putting off a cruise vacation because of these kinds of concerns, we hope you find this information useful and we hope this information has lessened your fears somewhat! Go enjoy one of life's great experiences ... an exciting, fun-filled vacation on a cruise ship; it will definitely be a vacation you will always remember!!

Bon Voyage!

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