Cruising and making more memories

Relaxing by the hydro-pool

Relaxing by the hydro-pool

We recently took a cruise aboard Celbrity's ship Millinieum.

Without planning for it to be a senior cruise we did manage to time the cruise when most all the children were in school. The weeks in March prior to and the weeks in April after spring break seem to be the best time to go on a cruise.
Everyone talks about how good the food is and they are right, it is great. However the other amenities are absoulutly wonderful. You have the evening shows, the casino, dancing and all the entertainment you could want.
During the day you have the pools, the spas, massages, shopping and best of all nothing to do but relax and enjoy if thats what you decide to do.
The crew members were wonderful, want a towel, want a drink no problem they would be brought to you. We were treated like the rich and famous, as they say we treat you like celebrities.
If you have never been on a cruise plan one soon.

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