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June 3

Living on the edge...we look at some people and wonder what are they thinking when they live on the edge. Truth be told we all do things everyday that are just as dangerous and every bit as life threatening. We get in a car, drive 65 miles an hour, make phone calls and send text messages often unaware of what is really going on around us. We eat the wrong foods don't exercise, have jobs that create stress and try to do more than we should do when we are away from the workplace environment. Now its time to look at our lives and consider who is really living on the edge.

Today in History

1918  Supreme Court rules child labor laws unconstitutional.

1934  Dr Frederick Banting co-discoverer of insulin, is knighted.

1946 1st bikini bathing suit displayed (Paris).

1955 Stan Musial hits his 300th HR.

1966 Gemini 9 launched; 7th US 2-man flight (Stafford & Cernan).

1991 Mount Unzen erupts in Japan, worst eruption in Japanese history.


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