Too much debt is painful.
Here are some debt tips to help you relieve your pain.

These debt tips can help you achieve financial independence. It's time to do away with the pain of too much debt.

Let's get started:

The debt tips listed here will help you in regards to personal debt.

Based on twenty work days a month:

  • A cup of coffee a day can cost up to $30 a month. A latte or gourmet coffee will cost you twice as much. Add a pastry and, well, I think you get the picture. Invest in a good to go cup and make your own at home to take with you. If you drink more than one cup a day, invest in a thermos. Save lattes and gourmet coffee for special treats.
  • Lunch out every day will cost you a minimum of $100 a month. That's $1,200.00 per year "minimum" at a modest $5 per lunch. Pack you lunch and use this money for other areas of the budget, invest in paying off debt, or save it!
  • A newspaper bought daily (most would buy this on weekends as well, so for 30 days a month) is about $30 or more a month. You can get a home subscription for most papers for about 1/2 the cost, or less, of buying it at the news stand each day.

Analyze your daily spending. Cut out unnecessary expenses altogether and change habits to reduce costs of necessary expenses.

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The most important strategy for getting out of debt.

"Most importantly, STOP CHARGING!"

This might not be easy to do, but this one debt tip can go a long way to help you keep from declaring bankruptcy.

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One of the best ways to save money.

"Saving Money Tips: Avoid Eating Out

This may be your number one money saver depending on how often you dine out. Trips to restaurants and fast food "joints" can quickly add up to be an expensive bill. Try and limit your outings to once a week, or better yet, once a month. On other days, pack a lunch or cook at home. Not only will you find yourself saving money, but you'll be eating healthier at the same time. "

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How to save on entertainment.

"Take a few minutes to see if there are free events in your area. Events like art festivals, special museum collections, concerts, etc. You won’t know unless you look."

You have to consider more than just the monthly payments!

People are taking out loans everyday. Most consider only one thing - what is my monthly payment. That's not enough. There's more than just the monthly payments. There's the total cost of the loan. If more people would add up the total costs of their loan, they would probably be more willing to research more companies to borrow from.

An important attitude when you are in debt.

Be honest with the creditor and with yourself.

Know ahead of time what you can do and what you can't do. You don't want to be talking to a creditor and feeling you have to bluff your way out of a situation.

Let's say you make an offer. Know that you can live up to that offer. It doesn't matter what you think the creditor wants to hear. What matters is what you can actually do.

The Debt Tips Blog from Everyday Wisdom:

Some debts are fun when you are acquiring them, but none are fun when you set about retiring them. -Ogden Nash

  • 3/21/06 Here Are Three Rules You May Not Be Aware Of That Debt Collection Agencys Must Follow.

    As a consumer, you have the right to verify, validate or dispute any debt you are told about, within a given time frame. Any debt collection agency, Within five days of initially contacting you, has to adhere to the following three rules:

    1. They have to send you a written notice containing the following information: The amount of the debt, the name of the creditor you owe the money to, a declaration informing you of what action to take within 30 days if you decide to dispute it, and a statement indicating that if you contest any portion of the debt, the debt collector will secure verification of the debt and mail it to you.

    2. The debt collection agency must also provide you with the name and address of the initial creditor if different from the present creditor (if you ask for this information in writing).

    3. They must also discontinue collection attempts during the "verification of debt" period, if you dispute the debt or ask for the name and address of the initial creditor.

    These three rules have been put forth to help you deal with Collection agencies. For some more information from the Federal Trade Commission in regards to your rights covered by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act,

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