Dennis - non streak - all surface - cleaning Miracle Solution

by Dennis Venuto
(Saint Clair Shores, MI, USA)


First of all I must explain how this Miracle Solution started. I went to purchase Windex Out Door Window Spray on and Rinse Clean.
Tried it, sucks.

Read contents, broke down what all they were.

As to my Cleaning Miricle Mixture - all surfaces indoors and out. No streaks and is rinse offable out side.

MIXTURE CONTENTS: First, 1 quater spray bottle is required.
1. add 2 ounces Dawn Dishwashing Soap.
2. add 3 ounces Denatured Alcohol.
3. add 2 ounces Ammonia.
4. add 4 ounces JET DRY.
5. add 18 ounces of tap water (Very Slowly,Stoping Foaming)

Total 29 ounces.

Shake well. Spray on, and wipe away dirt.

For out side siding and windows use a WIDE MOUTH SPRAY Bottle. Add 4 ounces of all above, and slowly fill balance with tap water.

Attach to outside hose Spray on siding, windows,what ever. Let stand 5 to 10 minutes, do not let dry.

Remove Bottle with cleaning solution, and rice off cleaning solution thoroughly. Walk away and enjoy.

Tip. Do not over spray what you can not rise of in timely manor.

Tip. I use the Hose Quick Disconnects found at hardware for ease of switch bottle to spray unit.


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