Become better at designing your own layouts when scrapbooking

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A quick overview:

Designing your own layouts when scrapbooking can seem overwhelming. Yes you can copy the layouts others use. Yes, you can copy magazines and books. Perhaps, you will decide to make use of the computer programs on scrapbooking that are out there. That would be easier and quicker.

But will you be satisfied? How about designing your own layouts? We're going to give you some tips on creating your own designs. There can be a lot of pleasure in figuring it out yourself.

Here's what you will learn by listening to the MP3 (the link is at the bottom of this page):

* How many pictures should you use on a page to make it look better?

* Learn how most people scan a page. This is important. It can help you make much better decisions.

* Generally, where should you place your most important pictures? How about the least important pictures?

* How does the size of a picture affect your decisions? When considering size of picture, what technique can help you create the most interest? How can mats help?

* When considering color, what element on the page will give you the most guidance in what color scheme to use?

* How many colors should you use to prevent your viewer from being overwhelmed?

Creating your own layouts is all about having fun and experimenting. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed. But you can get better, and better means more satisfaction.

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