Driving Privileges After A DUI...What To Expect

Driving Privileges after a DUI: What are They

It would be folly to assume that there is anyone out there who doesn't understand that there are harsh consequences that go along with being convicted of driving under the influence (DUI). For some reason, however, there are still over 1.4 million arrests for this crime every year in America alone. This is a good sign that many individuals simply don't understand the full scope of what they can face. One of the most discouraging outcomes is the removal of driving privileges, and in reality, this is a consequence that just about everyone convicted of the crime will face.

Driving Privileges after a DUI

There aren't many instances in which a person will be able to hang onto their driver's license after a DUI conviction. In fact, many states have laws that immediately suspend an individual's license upon their arrest. This is because a license suspension is administrative in nature, so in many cases, even if a person is found not guilty for any reason, they could still have their driving privileges revoked.

The length of time that a person will face a license suspension will vary depending on which state they're in upon their arrest. A person's blood alcohol content (BAC) level will also sometimes play a role in the length of suspension. In most cases, this suspension lasts a year and prevents a person from driving at all. As can be assumed, this can lead to difficulties in day-to-day life.

Potential Provisional License

Some individuals facing a DUI conviction are lucky enough to live in an area that allows provisional licenses. These licenses will not reinstate a person's ability to drive; their full privileged license will still be suspended.

These provisional licenses, however, may allow an individual to drive to and from work and school. Sadly, not all areas have this option, and even worse is the fact that a judge can prevent a person from getting this license if they're in a particularly bad mood that day.

Holding onto Full Driving Privileges

There are certain instances where an individual may be able to hold onto their license after a DUI arrest. As mentioned earlier, these suspensions are administrative rather than criminal in nature. This means that it's the state's Department of Motor Vehicles that actually suspends the license. Luckily, many areas allow an arrested person to request an administrative hearing to contest their suspension.

It's important to note, however, that hiring an experienced local attorney can go a long way in successfully having a license reinstated. Finding a local one can be simplified by doing an online research pertinent to a person geographic area. For example, input "DUI attorney San Bernardino CA" into a search engine to obtain a list when looking for a DUI attorney in San Bernardino CA.

It's not even necessary to be found "not guilty" in order to retain one's license, but an attorney who helps reach a finding of "not guilty" will surely go a long way in overturning this administrative suspension. It's imperative to do an online search, though, in order to find a local legal professional. Since laws vary from state to state, only a local lawyer will be able to properly help.

The various consequences of a drunk driving conviction can follow a person around for years, but the immediate repercussions aren't to be taken lightly. The loss of one's privileges can result in a loss of employment, an inability to go to school and even troubles in child custodial cases. Because of all of these potential outcomes, it's imperative for anyone facing a DUI charge to find a local attorney to help them. A failed breathalyzer is never an automatic conviction, but not having an attorney can sure make it seem that way.

Legal writer Lisa Coleman shares what the law says and some tips regarding driving privileges after receiving a DUI charge. .


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