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Slip and Slide: Driving Safe in your Car

Many eagerly await winter due to the joys that the snow can bring, but driving safe can be an exception. Unfortunately, this cold season has a more sinister side as well. It brings with it dangerous traffic conditions that lead to accidents all across America every year. From iced over roads to extremely reduced visibility due to snowstorms, the additional dangers are almost endless. Luckily, there are various ways that an individual can protect themselves on America's streets during these harsh winter months. 

Prepare a Winter Survival Guide

The first step in driving safe in one's vehicle during the winter is to prepare a winter survival kit. These can literally save a person's life if frozen weather conditions lead to them being stranded on the side of the road. These kits can be bought over the Internet, but it's also quite simple for a person to look up the necessary items and make their own. These items will often include a shovel, sand or salt, a battery powered radio, blankets, packets of food, water and other items that can come in handy in an emergency.

Prepare Tires

It's imperative to ensure that a vehicle's tires have the proper amount of tread on them before winter hits. Treads that are worn can greatly reduce a vehicle's ability to stop, and this is especially the case when the roads may be iced over. In colder areas that always receive snow, it's imperative to have a vehicle equipped with snow tires for driving safe.

Take Defensive Driving Classes

Even the safest of drivers can be involved in an accident due to the negligence of others, and sadly, this chance greatly increases during the winter months. Defensive driving classes, though, can help a person be prepared on the road if other drivers aren't following proper safety procedures. Even if another driver is following all of the laws, it's still possible that they're being negligent.

In some areas in America, such as Chicago, a person may actually be considered negligent if they're going the posted speed limit when conditions, such as winter weather, make it unsafe to do so. Luckily, if a negligent driver causes an accident during these situations, a Chicago car accident attorney can likely help a victim recover their financial losses.

Take the Vehicle to a Mechanic

If a vehicle isn't properly maintained, it greatly increases a person's chances of being involved in a winter auto accident or being stranded on the side of the road. The most important things to have checked out at a mechanic's include the vehicle's defroster, brakes, heater, thermostat, battery and antifreeze level. All of these things can make or break a person's chances of avoiding winter dangers and driving safe.

There's no doubt that winter will increase an individual's chances of being involved in a roadside emergency. Luckily, a proactive individual can often counteract, or at least reduce, these chances. Whenever a snowstorm or other inclement weather is bearing down on an area, it's advisable to just stay at home. When travel is unavoidable, however, the aforementioned tips can go a long way in keeping a person safe.


Writer Regi Waters has often dreamed of visiting the home of deep-dish pizza and the Magnificent Mile, yet driving there is out of the question, since she doesn't yet know how. This spares her from having to utilize the services of a Chicago car accident attorney in the future.



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