Visit Dubai

Dubai is a charming place, it has hotels and a warm see of which many cities in France or USA would be proud. Streets are neat, but the fine trees that border of many walls of houses of rich sheikhs, give a grateful shade only to owners of these gardens. The others because of hot climate have a rest from a heat under conditioners of the car or in buildings. To sit down in Rolls-Royce or Mercedes Viano, to visit magnificent halls of shops or hotels of Dubai, - it is opportunity to have a rest, after all in the summer temperature rises to 30-50 °C.

If you want to show to inhabitants of such rich houses and hotels that you need to be considered the same successful person, it is better to hire the magnificent car. Rent Mercedes Viano in Dubai if you arrived to have a rest in paradise, only this way you look at all its sights. The magnificent car is required if you go in job searches or to an exhibition to find the business partner; if you hope among inhabitants of magnificent quarters to find to yourself the husband. On a good car people acquaintance with which can bring huge money or glory can notice and estimate you.

Skyscrapers look as if they are just constructed by the most fashionable architect of the world or even group of the highest paid architects, many of magnificent high-rise buildings blows the mind of the tourist.

Each building is unique. The hotel Sail are on the artificial island in the sea, to the coast of 280 meters on the road, it is possible to pass this distance in 15-20 minutes. Its height is 321 meters, and inside height of a lobby of 180 meters. In its interiors about 8 000 square meters are trimmed by the real gold, and the price of rooms is 1 000 - 28 000 dollars there. In one of its restaurants (guests come there by the vessel which is similar to the submarine) there is an aquarium on one million liters of water.

The Lost Chambers – too an aquarium, but there are in hotel Atlantis, it is possible to see inhabitants of mysterious depths of the sea there.

The highest skyscraper 163 floors high is constructed in 2010, its height of 821 meter. It has 50 elevators. Chrysler or Mercedes sometimes drive inhabitants of expensive skyscrapers on ideal roads of Dubai not only on a gold market, but sometimes on the international exhibitions EXPO which take place in the city.

After Hong Kong and Singapore Dubai — the largest center of re-export of the world. There are no heavy taxes on the income, the country signed the agreement with 20 countries on protection against the double taxation therefore most of businessmen of the world choose this city for life and work.

If your trip will be in the UAE Rental cars in Dubai please visit Viano in Dubai.


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