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What to do when you have questions or concerns about your child's performance.

"As concerns and questions surface, do not hesitate to call or e-mail your child's teacher. Most teachers appreciate the opportunity to interact with their student's parents."

This is obvious, but needs to be stated because it is so important.

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Teaching Your Child At Home.

"Teaching Phonics -

Generally within the subject of phonics, the best place to begin is by teaching the child the short vowel sounds. The long vowel sounds are just a repeat of the alphabetic letter itself. A good way to get and keep the child’s interest during the phonics process is to use examples (pictures or something tangible around the house) of something that interests them. For example, most children will exhibit a high interest in animals."

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Something you need to learn about your child.

This is an education tip that's not the easiest to implement, but it can pay big dividends:

"Learn How Your Child Learns. Understand your child's learning style and develop routines that best support how he or she learns best. "

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Something not to do to your child.

"Resist the temptation to compare your child with other children - including brothers and sisters."

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Encourage a work ethic.

"Work ethic is a learned behavior, and parents are the best models to teach kids to acquire it. If you want your children to work hard and derive meaning and satisfaction from what they do, make sure you are modeling the right messages. Insisting your kids do their homework and help around the house does not guarantee they will grow up with a sense of accountability and a desire to achieve. Developing a work ethic in your child is a holistic process and the eight money behaviors of a financially intelligent parent are keys to this process."

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Teach your child a love of learning.

"Establish a life of “Habitual Learning at home…” Creating a life of learning will help a child establish a point of reference on almost anything. This will drastically increase their ability to integrate new information."

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