Ways For Your Elderly Loved Ones To Stay At Home.

Keeping the Family Together: 5 Ways for our Elderly Loved Ones to Stay Home

Remaining at home can aid your loved one both mentally and physically. Unfortunately, as a person ages, they may be limited on what they can do. Foregoing the nursing home or assisted living center in favor of their own dwelling may be crucial to their well-being. Because they are surrounded by comfortable things such as their own room, furnishings and neighborhood friends, you’ll be able to provide them with the right amount of care with the following helpful tips.


Taking care of the house can be a challenge as you grow older, especially if you’re experiencing health issues. A housekeeping service can help your aged parents remain at home and still maintain a clean and happy atmosphere. In addition to keeping your home spotless, a cleaning service may also be able to perform additional duties such as changing their bedroom linens and laundry.

Home Health Care

An at home health care facility provides help to the patients, providers and children of those in need of their services. Because you can’t be there to help your elderly loved ones round the clock, home care solutions can provide much needed relief. They typically offer a wide range of services that include running errands, dressing, bathing, meal preparation and medication management. They also offer extended services that include social worker meetings, physical therapy and nurse instruction for individuals who need additional care.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Simple tasks such as light bulb changes and smoke detector batteries can be too much for an elderly family member. A handyman service can perform a host of duties from installing a new hot water heater to changing furnace and humidifier filters. You and your loved ones can enjoy peace of mind knowing that all of your household duties are being looked after properly.

Gardening and Landscape

Curb appeal is crucial to the home’s appearance. A landscape service can aid your family member in keeping up an aesthetically pleasing yard and garden by performing chores such as grass cutting, shrub trimming and leave raking. This leaves them with simple tasks that can bring enjoyment such as garden planning and picking flowers.

Grocery Shopping and Meal Preparation

Eating a healthy diet that includes fruits, vegetables and whole-grains is important to people of all ages. It can contribute to the health, wellness and longevity of an individual. To ensure that your elderly loved ones are eating properly, a cooking service can provide healthy, home cooked meals to them at home. The service can also tweak the meal plans for sodium restricted, vegetarian and other specific food diets. If your family member enjoys preparing their own meals, online grocery stores allow them to shop from the comforts of their own computer. They will even bring in the groceries and unpack them.

Home is where the heart is and retaining the right to remain in your own home can be extremely important for your loved ones. Home health care allows the family the opportunity to stay together and remain in a comfortable and secure environment while receiving the highest level of comfort and care.

Lisa Coleman shares ideas on ways to give older loved ones the opportunity to remain at home when declining health or advanced age demands help. She recently researched online at 1800homecare(dot)com and read about how to find a local home care professional that can provide home care solutions to help enable an older person to remain at home while receiving respected and quality care.


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