If you want to grow the business you have, or start a new business, these entrepreneurial tips will help.

Being an entrepreneur is exciting. But there is so much to consider! These entrepreneurial tips should make growing your business or starting a new business easier.

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Doing what's important.

Don't major in minor things. It's so easy to get caught up in the small details that come up everyday. But top entrepreneurs make sure they keep their eye on the major factors of success. As one person puts it - It's important to not just work in your business, it's important to work on your buisness.

In terms of time management, this is one of the most important entrepreneurial tips you can apply.

One way to get an idea to start a business.

"Sometimes the best ideas come when you see what another business is doing and adapt their ideas to fit your own. Don't steal, put your own touch on it, but adapting the ideas of others will save you time."

There is power in weakness.

You may never have thought about this, but knowing your weaknesses can create power for you in your business. Don't be like others and live with your weaknessess. You can be more effective if you outsource those things for which you are not strong. After all, entrepreneurs can’t be equally effective in all areas of their business, can they? Guess what. That’s o.k.!

Discovering, knowing, and accepting your weaknesses can actually be a gift. If you are weak in a particular area, it just means you need help. And In most cases, paying others to do a job better than you can will help you grow your business much faster.

Entrepreneurial Tips Blog:


A great Entrepreneur dies - J B Fuqua.

J B Fuqua was a man who didn't go above a high school education, but bought and sold dozens of companies in his life time. He was 87.

As a philanthropist, he gave millions of dollars to Duke University. Their school of business is named after him.

Think about the entrepreneurial tips he could give someone. So much practical Wisdom.

If you would like to read reviews of him Memoires, and maybe buy it, click on the book cover below.

If you would like to read the obituary printed in the NY Times, click here. Then click on "skip this ad."


Six Time Entrepreneur David Friend of Carbonite to
Speak at Babson College April 3rd; Mr. Friend's Message:
''Find A Problem, And the Right Solution''

Six-time entrepreneur, David Friend, who has created hundreds of millions in market value with his companies over the past two decades discusses what he sees as the keys to his many successes and more.

We, at everyday-wisdom.com, wanted to include a very important idea mentioned in the press release about Mr. Friend's speech in our entrepreneurial tips page. It may seem obvious, but we thing it's easy to overlook as you get caught up in your own ideas.

He says:

"Learning to approach an idea from the user's perspective makes the difference between success and failure. For example, there were many mp3 players on the market before the iPod, but Apple saw that the user wanted 'portable music,' not a gadget. Similarly, VoIP lingered for years until Skype came along. They understood that VoIP was not about technology, but 'me talking to you' made easy and cheap."

So with the idea your are working with, are you approaching the problem focusing on the end users perspective and needs or are you so caught up in being creative you lose sight of simple solutiions?


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