Here are family tips to help you with marriage, parenting, friendship, money, pets, travel and education.

Family tips and friendship Tips are listed high in our ranking because relationships are so important. And like everything else, there are good ways to do it and ways that, well... let's say don't lead to the best results.

On this page you will find both tips and links to articles that relate to the family. We begin with general family tips. Then there will be specific categories of tips followed by links to articles for that category.

A unique idea for family exercising when the weather outside is bad.

"Invent a new dance and name it after your family."

This is certainly a fun way to get exercise and to bring the family together.

A family tip on how to help young children keep up with family members who live far away.

"Video Memory

If you have a loved one that is not local, but you want your child to remember who they are and what they sound like, have them read your child's favorite book while being video taped. Now you can pop in a video tape and they can see mom/dad/grandma whenever they have to be away."

This is one of our favorite family tips because America is such a mobile society. With the family spread out far and wide, why not find ways to communicate better. This is one of the best ways to do that.

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Here are specific categories of tips related to family:

Marriage Tips

The greatest indicator of a successful marriage.

"According to our national survey, the greatest indicator of a successful long-termed marriage is the level of the couple-friendship. So to spice up your marriage, become best friends. "

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Wedding Articles

  • Choosing a Ballroom Dance for Your Wedding
  • Consider a Costa Rican Destination Wedding For Something Very Special
  • Hawaiian Honeymoon Destinations
  • Where to Learn Ballroom Dancing
  • Consider saying "I Do" with a skydiving wedding!
  • Picking the perfect wedding/reception location
  • Planning your wedding budget
  • Planning your honeymoon
  • Adding and subtracting people from the guest list is difficult for everyone
  • Wedding favors for your guests
  • Using proper etiquette for wedding invitations
  • Don't overlook the importance of your wedding music decisions
  • Thinking about buying a diamond? Learn how a diamond is graded
  • For the guys: Learn how to better communicate with women!
  • Marriage a little stale? Try a Costa Rican romantic getaway
  • Six ways to deal with anger in your relationship

    Parenting Tips

    If you're going to talk about family tips, you'd better have tips on parenting as well. We do.

    An important tip when dealing with a teenager.

    "To build a good talking reputation with your teen you need to be available. That means not only being home but being attentive, TV off, not just muted and monitored for the end of the commercial. Ignore the ringing telephone when it interferes with the topic. "

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    Parenting Articles

  • Interesting Statistics on Adoption in the United States
  • Alternative Treatments for Autism
  • Cyber Bullying vs. Traditional Bullying
  • Learning the different types of domestic adoption.
  • The benefits of a child with a hobby.
  • Electric Toy Trains: A Fun Family Experience
  • ADHD: Learn Ways to Help Your Child Cope and Be Successful
  • Bottle Feeding: The Differences in Formulas and Their Special Uses
  • Breastfeeding and Your Diet
  • Things You Can Do To Prepare Your Child For Daycare
  • Things To Consider When Choosing A Daycare
  • ClickN' READ phonics, A simple program to help your child to read better
  • Dyslexia: Common Areas of Difficulty For Those Affected By It
  • 8 Tips From The Financially Intelligent Parent Website
  • How comic books can help your child build his vocabulary
  • How Watching Television Can Negatively Affect Your Child
  • Nightmares and Night Terrors
  • Organizing Your Children's Rooms
  • Step-parenting Tips to Make a Step-parent's Life Easier
  • Teaching a Child to Read: Strategies To Help You
  • Teaching Your Children Organization Skills Is So Important
  • Thomas the Tank Engine: Bringing Joy to Children Everywhere
  • 10 tips on homeschooling from

    Travel Tips

    Two suggestions on best way to carry your medications.

    "What is the best way to carry my medications?

    Carry them in your carry-on since it will be less likely to be lost than your checked luggage. Your carry-on will also do less harm to temperature-sensitive medication.

    Carry your medication in their original bottles to help avoid security questions. "

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    Education Tips

    Family tips could not be complete without tips on education. Whether educating yourself or you children, these tips will help save you time and aggravation.

    Something you need to learn about your child.

    "Learn How Your Child Learns. Understand your child's learning style and develop routines that best support how he or she learns best. "

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    Friendship Tips

    A simple way to enhance your friendships.

    "Do the Random Acts of Kindness thing. That's right. Pay for lunch, pick up their dry cleaning, send them flowers - all of these things you do for a friend for no specific purpose but to remind them how much you care. You can easily do the same with strangers, and you'll feel just as good."

    to get more information about Friendship Celebrations and Themes

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    Money Tips

    We couldn't have family tips without money tips. After all, as Zig Ziglar says, "Money isn't everything. But it's right up there with air."

    Even small amounts saved add up to large amounts over time.

    "Saving on the small stuff.

    Even small amounts saved regularly can grow into a sizable sum. For example, do you buy breakfast at the drive-through on your way to work everyday? The $2.50 you spend on a coffee and egg sandwich adds up to more than $625 a year. Invest that amount each year at a 6% rate of return, and in 25 years, you'll have nearly $35,000. It's true what they say: "The little things mean a lot.""

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    Pet Tips

    What would family tips be without pet tips. After all, a lot of families have one or more pets.

    An important training tip.

    "If your dog runs away from you and you finally catch up to it, no matter how angry you are at the dog, do not yell or smack it or your dog will never come to you when called for fear of being punished."

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