Here are some food storage tips to help you save money while keeping food safe and tasty.

Food storage can save a family a lot of money over time. But how do you keep it fresh without freezer burn? Here are some techniques.

A convenient way to store cereals for children.

"Cereals can be store in a sandwich size zip lock bag, it’s easier for children to open and pour into a bowl one bag is enough for a bowl full. You will have less spillage and fresher cereal."

A practical way to store hamburger.

"Hamburger can be stored in zip lock bags for freezing. Put hamburger in bag, flatten until bag is full. Zip the bag shut squeezing all remaining air out. Wrap in aluminum foil you can put 2 or 3 bags in one piece of foil. Makes storing easier when its flat, when ready to use take as many bags as you need and leave the rest frozen."

How to store large quantities of dry items such as beans, wheat, corn and barley.

"To store large quantities of dry items such as beans, wheat, corn and barley - Put into plastic food storage container. One that has snap on or screw on top. Fill container 3/4 full put aluminum foil on top. Place dry ice on top of foil. As dry ice melts it takes all the oxygen from container and fills the container with carbon dioxide, this will prevent insects and mold. You can open container and take out the amount you need. Replace the top without losing the carbon dioxide since it is heavier than air. Dry items can be stored for very long periods."

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