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Why free ebooks? Because at Everyday Wisdom, LLC, we want to provide our visitors with as much value as possible. In this section you will find ebooks on many topics of life. Over time there will be a huge selection to choose from.

We are not interested in just providing visitors knowledge. We want people to actually use the knowledge we provide to produce better outcomes in their lives. As you read our ebooks, you'll see a different format than those used in other ebooks. We are not doing this just to be different. We believe this format is more practical for people who are serious about making changes in their life.

Each page has two primary parts:

The left side of the page contains the article. Not just articles written by the staff at Everyday Wisdom, but also articles written by other authors and webmasters. Sometimes hearing something in a different voice makes an idea come alive.

The right side of each page contains both resources that can provide additional ideas for you to consider as well as space for you to take notes on those ideas you want to implement. So when you see an idea you want to use, simply print out that page and add your ideas in the space provided.

We suggest you keep the pages you print out in a notebook so the ideas you want to work on do not slip away. With so much going on in our lives, it is very easy to become distracted. Don't let this happen to you.

Here's another way our free ebooks are different:

At the back of many ebooks, we include a page based on Benjamin Franklin's method of changing or creating habits. It is believed that Benjamin Franklin was America's first self made millionaire. He created his method early on and it served him well. If you will also use his method, we believe it will also serve you well.

Here's the good news - It's a very simple method. Combine it with the notes you made on some pages, take action, and before long you will see a change in your life. Why not give it a try?


In each free ebook, you will find not only information we have collected at Everyday Wisdom, but also articles from many other authors and website owners. Sometimes hearing something in a different voice makes an idea come alive.

We want you to use the information you find here, not just get the knowledge, but to actually "do" what needs to be done to reach the life and happiness you are looking for.

You will need Adobe Reader (the latest version is recommended) installed on your computer in order to open and read this ebook. You can get Adobe Reader here (a new window will open so you can download it without leaving this page).

If you want to open the file in your browser window, just click on the link. However, if you want to download the file to view later, then right-click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save File As." Then select where you want to save the file on your hard drive.

Once you have saved the file, locate where you saved it, and double click to open.

In order to print, open the downloaded file, and select the "Print" option from the ebook menu.

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