Setting Goals To Enhance Our Self-Esteem And Provide Direction In Our Lives

Many people do not realize how important setting goals are to enhancing their self-esteem and giving their life a sense of direction. Some of those people won't set too many of them out of fear of disappointment.

They worry about what would happen if the don't reach a particular one. Here's the problem with that - by not having objectives in life, they find themselves drifting through life with no commitments. Then they find that life has passed them by and their self-esteem has suffered.

So here's the question: How is it that we build our self-esteem by creating objectives for ourselves? Let's start with what objectives do in general. Creating objectives tells us what is important to us, what we really want. Many people don't take the time to ask themselves what they really want in life.

What do they want to do? Where do they want to go? Who do they want to be around? They make these decisions on the spur of the moment instead of on purpose. By setting goals, people realize, as they try to reach them, just how important the objective really is. In some cases people discover that the objective wasn't as important as they thought. They are learning more about themselves which helps a person work on their self-esteem.

Also by having an objective in life, people find they reach them faster. It's almost like magic in a way. Someone has an objective, and it's like the universe moves the person in that direction and brings things in their life to help them on their journey. Not always, but it happens more than most people realize. It's your subconscious moving you in the right direction.

So what is a way to set goals effectively?

Goal-setting is the key that unlocks the door to positive self-esteem. You may want to get together with a group of like-minded friends who are also ready to make changes in their lives. Or you may feel more comfortable working on your own. Just remember, however, that when you hit a snag (and you will), groups are an effective way to get you past the rough spots.

One of the reasons we don't set them is that the process itself can cause a certain amount of anxiety. Since objectives are dreams with deadlines, they can connect the here and now with the process of achievement.

There are, nevertheless, some traps associated with goal-setting:

1. Objectives that are overly complex or complicated: Don't get so carried away that you set goals that are way too difficult or impossible to reach.

2. Objectives that aren't measurable: Perhaps you would like to be a better parent. How do you know when you've achieved this goal? The challenge to "be a better parent" realistically is never-ending and exhausting, and your guilt will not just magically disappear. Instead, you need to spend some time thinking deeply about what would mean the most to you and your children. This particular objective should include a measurable length of time and has a definite deadline. An example of this could be taking a camping trip. Involve the children with the planning and preparation so that they can build anticipation and share in the excitement.

3. Goals that aren't what you want, but what you think you should want: Goal-setting is for us, not something we do to please others. Don't allow yourself to get all caught up in setting "sensible" or "mature" goals or even logical ones. After all, you could find yourself spending the next year of your life trying to achieve your objective, so you need to make it fun, experimental, and meaningful!

Don't let yourself get caught in one of these traps! Make your objectives attainable, put limits on them so as not to make it a never-ending challenge, and come up with an objective that will make you happy...not to make someone else happy.


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