Golf is a tough sport to master. Here are some golf tips to help you in your quest.

Few sports are as frustrating and yet as loved as golf. These golf tips should help to take some of the frustration out of your game.

Let's get started.

Putting tip.

"Get a putter with a very distinct line marked on it to indicate the target line and practice with a chalk line. You can get a chalk line at any hardware store for 5 or 6 bucks, and it's as valuable a training aid as there is anywhere. Find a putt on the practice green that is straight. Snap a chalk line down from about 5 or 6 feet to the middle of the cup. Make sure that the entire length of the line on your putter is exactly on the chalk line. Start making putts. This will train your eyes to "see square" precisely. "

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Another Putting Tip.

"Putting Games Need work on your short putts? One of my favorite drills is to putt to a dime—it's great for improving focus and concentration! Another favorite putting drill is to sink five in a row from one foot, then from two feet, then three feet, and so on. Miss one? Sorry, you have to start over! And you can't go up in distance until you've made all five. That should occupy you until tee time. "

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Course Management is important in improving your game.

"Course Manage Your Troubles Away."

Do you make a point of learning how to find and them remembering the trouble areas of a golf course. The better golfers do this. Why not you? Look for the trouble areas and then... stay away from them. Using golf course management will help improve your game. It's the mistakes you don't make that sometimes give the best results. It's not just what you do good, it's also what trouble you avoid.


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