Holiday Villas in Kefallonia A Beautiful Greek Island.

Holiday Villas in Kefallonia

There are a vast array of different types of holiday homes in Kefallonia that one can choose from. This is because of all the Greek Islands this is one of the largest ones of them all. The actual name of the island when translated into English means, "Island with a head" and if you were to look at it from above you will see why.

There are numerous Greek Islands that one can visit. However, this one seems to be one of the most popular with tourists. They come not only to spend time exploring the many beautiful unspoilt villages on the island, but also to spend time relaxing on the stunning beaches that the island has as well.

But if you want there is so much more one can do and attractions that one can visit when staying on Kefallonia. In this article, we look at some of the kinds of attractions that you may be interested in visiting when staying on this island on your next vacation. 1. The Cave of Drogarati - This is now one of the oldest as well as one of the largest stalagmatic caves in the world. It is believed to be around 150 million years old and is well worth a visit just to be able to stand in the Concert Cave. This is a cave that is situated 150 feet below the earths surface and is renowned for have superb acoustic qualities.

2. The Church of Saint Gerasimos - This Church is close to the village of Lassi and is built from a natural cave. It is believed that Saint Gerassimos lived here until he moved to the Omala Valley where he worked on reorganizing the monastery of Agios Gerassimos that is situated there.

3. Kefallonia Archaeological Museum - Found in the town of Argostoli this building contains numerous antiques from the island. The artefacts cover everything from pre-historic through to the roman times of the islands history.

4. The Agios Andreas Monastery - A very important building as it was part of the Katholikon Nunnery that had stood at the place until 1953. Unfortunately, there was a huge earthquake at this time and the only building that remained standing afterwards was the monastery. Attached to the Monastery is a museum which has become even more important as in 1988 the sole of the right foot of the Apostle Andrew was brought to it and remains there to this day.

You can see from above there is so much more that one can do whilst staying on this beautiful island. So why not spend some time looking and seeing which of the various holiday villas in Kefallonia are available and which will meet your requirements so that you can really appreciate and enjoy everything on the island during your vacation.

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