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Home buying tips rate high when compared to other tips. It's probably because, and you've heard it before, but buying a home is the largest purchase most people will ever make.

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What home not to buy.

"It's usually best to not buy the biggest and most expensive house in the neighborhood. Why? Because there is a good chance it's not as likely to appreciate in value."

Why you should stay away from making this kind of an offer.

Don't Make Unreasonably Low Offers

Are you seriously interested in buying a house? If you want Sellers to take you seriously, do not make extreme or unreasonably low offers. Use your licensed salesperson to help you make the offer. Yes you need strategy when negotiating, but it has to make sense if you want to be taken seriously.

Where to get info on property values

"Obtaining Property Values

The simplest method of gaining knowledge about property values is from your Agent. If you are being represented by a Buyer's Agent, the Agent can develop a Comparable Market Analysis for homes in the area in which you are interested. This will give you valuable information you will need before you make an offer. If you are planning to buy a home without the assistance of an Agent (or, if you are looking for preliminary information) there are sources of information available online."

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What kind of home buying tips would these be if one of them didn't give you an idea how much home you can afford?

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