Types of Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras are available in a wide array of styles and features. Home and business owners can choose the camera that best fits their need and budget. Wired and wireless versions make choosing the perfect fit even easier.

Security cameras are available in wired, wireless, daytime and night-vision types. Here are a few of the most often used types.

Fake Security Cameras

Fake cameras are available. These cameras look like real security cameras but aren't cameras at all. Fake warning stickers are also available. These items give the illusion that the property is protected and someone is watching.

Intelligent Video Surveillance Security Cameras

Intelligent video surveillance cameras involve the use of equipment set to actively monitor areas and/or activities. Daycares and hospitals use this type of surveillance to monitor areas where there should not be anyone present.

This type of camera can also let the viewer know when something changes in the monitored area, i.e., a package is left behind. Future intelligent cameras will have the ability to recognize features and therefore let the viewer know if someone other than an authorized person is present.

Wide-Angle Security Cameras

Cameras featuring a wide-angle lens, usually dome shaped, produce images free of distortion and cover larger areas at a time. Some cameras can cover a field as large as 151 degrees.

Wired Security Cameras

Wired home security cameras send images to a recorder for viewing on computer or television. Images are sent through the wire to a recorder.

Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless home security cameras utilize wireless technology to send images. Cordless phones, wireless internet connections and other wireless objects can interfere with the wireless camera signal. Improved encryption of wireless technology makes preserving the integrity of a wireless connection easier.

Considering Home Security Cameras

When considering security cameras, be sure to address the purpose of the camera, the location of the camera, and whether wireless or wired is more suitable.

Most homeowners using home security cameras are not using them for security purposes. They're watching the nanny or the babysitter to make sure children and pets are cared for properly. Other uses include monitoring the behavior of other family members, such as teenagers or a spouse.

Location is a factor in camera choice so consider the following questions before making your purchase:

  • Will cameras need to be hidden?
  • How hard will it be to get power to the camera?
  • Will it be difficult to hide the wire running to the recorder?
  • Will a camera that blends with surroundings be required?
  • Where will the camera be used? Whether placed indoors or out, lighting is a factor.
  • Hidden Security Cameras

    Hidden home security cameras come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Tiny cameras can be purchased for hiding or objects can be purchased with cameras built in. Some available hidden camera items include various clock designs, DVD player designs, VCR designs, sunglasses, pens, smoke detectors, plants, air fresheners and sprinkler heads.

    Night Vision Home Security Cameras

    Night vision home security cameras with infrared are also good for low-light areas. The infrared allows the camera to see and record images it wouldn't otherwise pick up.

    Home security cameras are an affordable and powerful tool for home and business owners. The variety of types available make it possible to fit the right camera to the need.


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