Home Security Systems...It's More Than Just Alarms

When planning your home security system, don't just think about burglars breaking in—consider all the things that can put you at risk in your own home. These might include a fire breaking out in the kitchen, a fall off a ladder in the backyard, or an elderly family member taking a spill in the bathroom. You can address many of these risks by researching the top security companies for families security companies and selecting a package that will make your home more secure.

Most people don't consider that today's sophisticated home security products include much more than alarms that go off when windows or doors are opened. They can detect smoke and fire and notify police and fire departments. They can make it easy to contact emergency services from any place in the house, and they can even let you watch the rooms in your house while you are at work or out of town. The new systems even take advantage of the latest in smartphone and tablet technology.

The Fire Risk

More than 360,000 fires were reported in houses and apartment complexes between 2009 and 2011, according to the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Association. There were 2,495 deaths and 13,250 injuries as a result of these fires. The majority of the fires in residential buildings was caused by cooking, which started nearly 46 percent of all fires reported.

Installing smoke detectors is a start, but their purpose is to alert family members to smoke in the house. Sometimes, that warning comes at the dawn of a full-blown fire, and it could be too late to save the house. A home security system with fire detection not only knows when there is a fire in the house, but it will contact the local fire and police agencies to be dispatched to your home. Because a few minutes can mean the difference between saving your home and a complete loss, these systems can be a real home-saver.

The Accident Risk

The National Floor Safety Institute publishes some eye-opening statistics about falls in the home:More women experience falls than men Falling accidents are the primary cause of emergency room visits More than 50 percent of the accidental deaths at home are caused by falls Your risk of complications and serious injury can result from a delay in getting medical attention. A home security system with remote alert capabilities lets you contact 911 from a small remote you carry with you. People have fallen and been on the floor for hours before someone found them and called emergency services. The sooner you can get help, the less likely you'll have complications from your accident.

The Elderly Risk

Thirty percent of adults more than 65 years old will experience a fall, according to the National Institute of Health on Aging, and almost 10 percent will have a serious injury due as a result. The elderly especially need immediate medical attention in the case of an accident. Remote alert capabilities can reduce the risk of critical illness and even death in the elderly family member.

More Features to Come

As home security systems advance, more high-tech features have been added, such as carbon monoxide monitoring, remote control of heating, cooling, lighting and locks, and the use of smartphones and tablets to control the system. Not only are these features more convenient, but they also add to the safety of your home.


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