Home storage problems... Everyone has them. Here's some tips to help you solve yours!

These tips on home storage problems will help you deal with all the stuff you've collected over time! At first you might feel overwhelmed, but these tips will make your job a lot easier.

Removing and organizing clutter.

Where to find some extra space to put things up and out of the way.

"An easy shelving system can be created by putting up shelves above doors and windows. Use some for books, some for knick-knacks, etc. If you keep them neat, they’ll serve as decoration and something nice to look at. This is an easy solution for all sorts of extra room to stash that stuff you don’t need on a daily basis, but still want to have around."

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Food Storage:

How to store food and prevent freezer burn.

"Food Storage: To help keep foods from freezer burn put in Ziploc bag, insert a plastic straw into the bag squeeze as much air from bag as you seal the bag. When you get to the straw suck the remaining air from bag finish sealing bag and remove the straw at the same time, wrap bag in aluminum foil."


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