How to Choose Home Window Security Bars

The first step in choosing home window security bars is to determine the purpose for which they will be used. Will the bars be used for safety purposes (to keep children and pets from exiting windows) or is security the aim (deter and prevent burglary or home intrusion)?

Window security bars are available for safety as well as a means of security from intruders. The purpose of the bars helps determine the appropriate style.

Once purpose is determined, window style is an important consideration when seeking to add home window security bars. Typical window styles include double-hung, single-hung, casement and sliding. Home owners will need this information when preparing to purchase or order bars.

Home security window bars come in three styles: fixed, hinged and removable. Choosing the right style is a matter of use. Saw-resistance and tamper resistant hardware are additional considerations.

Fixed home window security bars do not open. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and are usually the most economical style. Home and business owners can choose from basic designs, decorative styles or even elaborate luxury styles.

Hinged or swing-away home window security bars swing open for repair and cleaning. They can be padlock secured and are available in a variety of sizes. Mr. Goodbar(tm) Keyless Quick Release Locking System is appropriate for secondary escape routes. Home or business owners who need to comply with local fire and building codes for secondary escapes can use these bars.

Removable window bars lock on both sides, allowing easy removal. They're good for vacation cabins, storefronts or anywhere periodical protection is required. They are available in a variety of sizes.

After confirming window style, window size is required. The measurement required for home window security bars is the dimensions of the window opening. The window opening is the space inside the window frame. Be sure to note how many windows will require bars and the correct window opening size for each.

Child safety and security window bars and guards are available in standard sizes to fit most window openings. They provide quick installation, require no special ordering or fitting, and feature safety releases for quick removal.

Home window security bars are available from many stores and companies. They're also available online via stores and auction sites. Home or business owners who are going to install the bars themselves can purchase materials from any reputable provider. Not all home window security bars are created equal. Bars should be constructed of saw-resistant, sturdy materials. A bar that can easily be bent, broken, sawed or removed is not providing adequate safety.

Home and business owners who prefer to pay a home security window bar company to fit and install all windows will need to choose a reputable company. The company shouldn't mind providing references or even the names and phone numbers of satisfied customers.

Home window security bars give home and business owners an added layer of protection. Also, if you are a parent, grandparent, or someone else concerned with preventing small children or pets from falling out windows, know that you will find peace of mind with the installation of home window security bars.


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