Tips for Getting a Great Hotel Room

Customer Service Tips for Getting a Great Hotel Room

Most people know someone that can get the best accommodation pricing or extra amenities when booking a room. A little friendliness goes a long way and some fail to realize that their wit and charm can be far reaching when they want when travel.

Friendly and Courteous

Whether you’re looking for a accomodations around Washington, PA or traveling to the west coast, you aren’t going to get top rated lodging by demanding only the best. Starting your conversation with a condescending attitude can put the operator on edge and set the tone for the impossible. By showcasing a friendly and courteous attitude, you’ll find that the hotel clerk will be more receptive to your wants and needs. Depending on your conversation, they may even throw in additional perks such as an upgrade in room size, free breakfast at the hotel restaurant or a complementary massage or spa treatment.

Charm and Wit

An individual who is charming and witty in life typically gets better treatment than those who are surly and demanding. Whether you’re booking a hotel room or getting your coffee from your favorite beverage shop, you’ll find that a positive and witty attitude can get you star treatment. A customer will be remembered for personalizing their conversation such as calling them by their name and asking pertinent questions as the conversation goes on. Compliments and simple jokes can also be pleasing to the worker and work to the advantage of the customer when they want to go above and beyond to service your needs and make you happy.

Personalized Visit

Sometimes a personalized visit can get you the highest quality of service. Walk-in guests can take advantage of the front desk staff when they’re at their least busy. By asking pertinent questions about their prices, availability and additional perks, you may be able to get deals that phone reservationists are unable to give their guests. It can also be beneficial to personalize your conversation based on who you are talking to. If the employee is younger, you can ask questions about fun hangouts and additional activities that the hotel offers. You can also tell them that you’ve always wondered about getting a special massage or eating at the breakfast buffet in hopes that they’ll offer you a discount or freebies as a first time guest to their establishment.


Guests who utilize the same hotel for either business or pleasure are loyal customers, especially when they deal with the same customer service agent or hotel staff member every time they make a reservation. Getting to know the hotel workers by being respectful, courteous and charming will make you memorable, and you can get better treatment throughout your stay. From maid service and check-in to meals and bar personnel, you’ll find your trip to be filled with better amenities when you have a great attitude.

Individuals who get the best hotel rooms with a view, discounts on drinks or a special spa treatment packages on the house find that they can get star treatment when they come right out and ask. You’ll also find that by having the right attitude and happy demeanor you can go further with better service and additional perks when booking your next hotel stay.

Melanie Fleury has lived in more than 10 states and traveled to more than 20. She has learned that great customer service is the norm, not the anomaly, especially in hotels like the Doubletree By Hilton. Hilton's Doubletree 325 locations include hotels around Washington, PA, in Atlanta, Ga, and in more than 25 countries.


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