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At Everyday Wisdom we try to provide you with articles that contain good information to help you make good decisions. Sometimes you need advice on a situation more than you need the information. Advice can come from a mentor, counselor, teacher, clergyman, doctor or lawyers. Often times the best advice comes from our parents, family, or co-workers.,and many times the best advice comes from others who have gone through or dealt with a similar situation. When you seek and get advice from someone that has gone through what you are going through, that person can usually offer you insight on the situation that will make sense to you and not to anyone else.

We want to open this format with the idea of "people helping people". We will monitor every advice submission that is sent to us. If our staff is knowledgeable on the subject, we will provide you with an opinion or even possibly resources that we believe may be of assistance to you. If we feel that it is out of our realm of knowledge we will try to find someone that has experience in the area that you are seeking advice in. Others may also offer you an opinion or advice. With that being said, all information you receive should be considered as strictly an information source. We always recommend that you do additional research so you can gather as much information as possible before making any major decision. On some levels you might need licensed professionals.

Our editors will not publish frivolous requests nor bogus answers to requests submitted. Those seeking advice may choose to add their name or initials to their request, but should you want to remain anonymous, you can do that as well.

For professionally licensed counselors, doctors, lawyers, and clergymen, we will offer you the opportunity to place a link back to your home page to reward your effort for the advice that you have offered. Prior to adding any link, our staff will preview your homepage to determine the creditability of the site.

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I Need Advice or my Question is...
I need to know a good reliable firm to give an appraisal on a unique multi signature football from 1969.

Here is my answer/advice.

I have done a google search for appraisers of football Memorabilia and come up with a couple of sites that might be helpful. antiques.lovetoknow.com/Sports_Memorabilia_Appraisal www.signeofthetimes.com/-18k Both of these sites do appraisals of sports memorabilia. Good Luck!

Tina C

Here is my answer/advice.

The value of your autographed football will depend on if it is signed by a college team or a professional team. Then it depends whose signatures are on the ball, have they gone on to be the MVP of the Super Bowl game for that year etc.? There are a lot of things that will affect the true value of such a collectable. I would look in the phone book for sports memorabilia appraisers. Here are links to reputable firms that deal in collectables.
Sothebys http://www.sothebys.com/about/contact/index.html
Christies http://www.christies.com/
Sports Artifacts e-mail link order@sportsartifacts.com
all of these shoul be able to assist you or at least point you in the right direction.
We wish you the very best with your treasure.

I Need Advice or my Question is...
My twelve year old niece and I have always bee very close but,lately she has been ignoring me. She is hanging around with a new crew of friends and they are always with her,no matter what time - day, or night,that I try to call,chat with {on-line},or visit her. While I understand that at her age spending time with your old auntie is "boring", I am worried about her. One of the boys she spends all of her time with is fifteen and her Mom has taught her nothing about life {boys,sex...}. I have already caught this boy - half naked,laying on top of her and I fear she'll be pregnant before she is thirteen. Her Mom,does not know how to be a Mother,the kids were taken from her once already and came to live with my husband and I. If I could get some time alone with her,maybe I could arm her with some knowledge and wisdom. Problem is - how can I do that if her friends are always with her and she ignores me? help...Please advise!

Here is my answer/advice.

I think that she may just be growing up, as we get older we feel the need to be more independent.. these days kids are becoming more independent younger and younger, its a good thing that she has someone to care for her... If you feel the need you should talk to her.. just keep trying, We only fail when we cease to keep trying. I'm sure she is feeling influenced by her new found friends, and the pressures of sex these days are through the roof.. So my advice to you is to keep on trying, she cant say no forever.. Hope this helps.

Stephii P.

I Need Advice or my Question is...
I think my daughter takes advantage of me. She uses all my things, wears my clothes without asking, sometimes I don't even get a chance to wear them, I buy them, she wears them first. She wears all my make-up, she uses my phone, knowing that I am expecting important phone calls. I have asked her numerous times over and over again to have more respect for me and my belongings, she just ignores me, it's like I'm talking to the wall. She does help out around the house, she does make many meals, she does do what I ask her when it comes to household chores, sometimes she takes her time doing it, but it does get done. I need some advice as to what to do, I feel like I'm at my wits end.

Someone in need.

Here is my answer/advice.

Before I give some advice, I'd like to know if you've asked her why she does it. You've told her what you want, she's ignoring you, so now ask why she is doing this. Keep this in mind - when you ask, you might get an answer that is merely an attempt to put you off. A weak answer. If you have to, ask a second time.

Once you know why she is acting this way, you can have a conversation about the cause and see if that helps resolve the issue. You can also ask her how she would feel if someone treated her the same way she is treating you. If they took her clothes to use before she had a chance to wear them.


Here is my answer/advice.

Sounds like it's time for some tough love. If I were in your situation,I would keep all clothes and make-up locked in my bedroom - off limits to darling daughter. If she can't respect you and your belongings,then she can not use them. Also, allow her a limited amount of time on your phone,but not when you're expecting an important call. I know that locking you're things up may sound harsh,but she needs to learn a hard lesson:She can't just take someones things with-out respecting the person enough to ask first. Remember,no maiier what your daughters age may be,you are still the parent and a human being who deserves respect. Be strong Mom!

I Need Advice or my Question is...
I am having trouble with job stability, because I always think that I want to do something else. Is my problem with myself or am I not following my dreams to the fullest. Should I concentrate on being a better worker or pursue my dreams and passions and that will make me a better worker.


Here is my answer/advice.

I've been there too. One of the problems with going from job to job is you never get really good at one thing.

Success is not something you go after. Success is something you attract by the person you become. The skills you develop will determine the income you earn.

Companies and employees earn money according to the value they bring to the marketplace. By going from job to job, never developing one skill to a great extent, you are unable to bring greater value to the marketplace. Therefore...you won't earn the income you could by specializing on one primary skill (job).

I recommend you find something you love to do and get really good at it. I say this because to become really good at something, you have to spend a lot of time and effort. It's a lot easier to do that if you love what you do. If you can't find anything you love to do, you can still become a great success, it just takes more will power.

There is a classic book that has sold millions of copies and has helped thousands of people reach their potential. The book is titled "Think And Grow Rich." (Doesn't that title intrigue you?)

It was written by Napoleon Hill decades ago. Napoleon was introduced to the most successful people of his generation by Andrew Carnegie, the great steel magnate. He took the success principles he learned from all those interviews and put them into one book. I highly recommend the book.

I don't normally do this, but if you live in the United States and go to the "Contact Us" form and give me your address, I will send you a free copy of "Think And Grow Rich." If you do this, I suggest you study the book and apply the principles into your own life. (For anyone else reading this post, we get lots of visitors each month and I can't do this for everyone. I hope you understand.)

My mentor, a multimillionaire, said he read the book 25 times in his life. That's how important he found the book.

Some of the book is a little weird in my opinion, so I didn't do all of it. That's something you have to decide yourself. What you will do and what you won't.

Again, go to our "Contact Us" and give us your address.

For others reading this post, if you want to buy the book, here is link to it at Amazon.com:

Think and Grow Rich

Ed Kalski - Co-founder of Everyday Wisdom, LLC

Here is my answer/advice.

With today's times it's hard for anyone to get a job now a days. But don't give up, keep trying, the right job will come through for you, just have faith and a positive attitude and it will happen. Wake up, look in the mirror and say "Today I will get a job". If you keep this up and walk into a place with that kind of attitude it will happen.

As for you thinking that another job might be better than the last. Remember what your mother told you, "The grass is not always greener on the other side". So try your hardest to stay around a bit longer at the job you do get, maybe, just maybe, if you stick around you might realize it was and is a perfect job for you!

Hope this helps a bit! Miss Sherri Emily

Here is my answer/advice.
My question to you is: What is your dream job - what are you most interested in doing? I would advise you to stick with one job, while pursuing your dream career. Look inside yourself and decide what it is you really love doing. Then, do whatever it takes to get you there. You can take some classes in the field you're interested in and also read as much as you can on the subject.

Please take advantage of Ed Kalski's offer of a free copy of "Think and grow Rich" and Miss Sherri Emily's advise to "Have a positive attitude". But, also keep in mind, that only you can know what's right and what your true calling is.

Dare to dream and then, make that dream a reality! Good Luck V.C.!

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I Need Advice or my Question is...
My teenage son spends a lot of time on MySpace. He says that he is chatting with friends. Should I have concerns about his many hours on line?

Karen T.

Here is my answer/advice. Dear Worried Mother, Like previously said by another, you did not specify your son's age, and there are definately infact different ways of looking at this situation. If you trust your son, you probably have nothing really to worry about, if hes older 16 he is most likely just chatting with friends and such, i am a guilty myspace addict myself, I spend alot of time on there talking to friends, updating my profile, all seemingly harmless things. if your son is younger than sixteen I would definately be keeping a lookout, just to be precausious, although my parents never had anything to worry about with me. If you have raised your child right then they should have a rational sense of decision making and that should put you a little more at ease. Its never easy to know what to expect on the interent because it can infact be a huge and scary place, but if your son is young enough a watchful eye maybe all thats needed, or maybe putting the computer in a open room where he can be monitored might make you feel a little better, but in his defense, myspace isnt that scary of a place when you know what your doing, its meerly a place to chat with friends and play online games.. I hope this helps..

Stephi P

Here is my answer/advice.

Well, you did not give your sons age,so there are two ways to look at this:
If he is under sixteen, then some monitoring might be a good idea. Check to see that he is only talking to friends and who those friends might be. Maybe you could make your own myspace account and add him as a friend. That way, you can see who his friends are and put your worries to rest. If he is over sixteen, I wouldn't be too worried. Try talking with him - Ask him what games he plays: Mobsters,Rockstars,Mafia Wars...there are tooMany to list.
Whether he is under sixteen or over, he is probably just playing some of these games. Either way, a walk-by once in a while when he is on-line, could ease your fears. Also, you could try limiting his time on-line - there is more to life than the Internet.

Tina C.

Here is my answer/advice.

There are software programs available that will monitor pages viewed by your son as well as put a time limit on how long he can be on the computer at one time.

Scott M.

I Need Advice or my Question is...
My girlfriend lives in Puerto Rico and has three daughters (17, 16 & 12). We see each other about every two month by me flying down to see her. I talk to my girlfriend everyday and most of the time one of her daughters pick up the phone. I would like to talk to the girls but I really don't know what questions to ask. I ask about school and I just get "okay". I would like to have a taking relantionship with my future step-daughters and I need help with questions to ask when I call.

Here is my answer/advice.

If you are moving to Puerto Rico to live with them have them organize day trips to places that they think you would enjoy. You must include them in some of the day to day activities. Talk with co-workers that have daughter in their age group and find out what they are into.What type of music? Who do the girls talk about(singers movie stars) Most teenagers are not into talking about school.
If you are uprooting them from Puerto Rico to move to New Jersey then you may never have a good talking relationship. Being a step parent is very hard, It takes work from both adults to blend a family together. You have a lot to overcome but with work and love you will have a great family.


Here is my answer/advice.
Try talking with them as people. Teenagers don't like to answer questions. Next time you go there,bring along some DVD's and watch with them {even if you aren't really interested in the movie}. Also, bring along some games and have a game night - my 12yr old niece is always more open,when we are playing games and having fun together. The one question that could open up some great conversation is: What are you hoping to get for Christmas? This will let you know what they're into {music,movies,styles of clothing,favorite colors...}. Whatever you do, don't treat them like "my girlfriend's daughters". This will make them feel like they are on the back burner and that you're only being nice to them to get close to their Mom. They need to feel, that you also care about them and their feelings. Good Luck!

Tina C

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