i use to work for a nail salon and i had to quit!

by Janice Lo
(stockton, ca U.S.A)

With all my experience with working for three different type of salon I have to really warn everyone that it is a very dirty place!!! So many salon owner are very frugal and cheap. They will almost "definietly" use the same tool on different customers such as buffer, filer, and so forth. It is not sanitized and after growing some sort of rash on my hand i finally gave up and quit! Be aware, look around, and specially look at what they are using on you! Check to see if the buffer has been worn out, make sure the the tools are sanitzed by politely asking to see, and make sure that the foot bath is rinsed, washed, and sprayed with sanitizing spray before you jump right in. It is soo dirty I myself would be afraid to get mine done just from my experience. State board really need to be cracking these people down and really really observe the place or even have an undercover person to just look around!

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Nov 28, 2008
I've Been In your Shoes
by: Anonymous

I went through the same thing here in Canada! I don't know where the owners/operators of these spas were educated but maybe they should go back and get more!

My ex boss was the same, cutting corners, her way was faster, using different tools (orange wood sticks, spatulas) was a "waste of money" and cleaning apparently was not the priority for the business. I agree places like these should be shut down and am contacting the local health board. I spoke to my instructor (after 2 years I still call her that) and she told me if I called they would send someone out and take a look around, give a warning and keep an eye on it for a while. I am sure glad to be out of there, not the place for me, I care about peoples health and well being. Good for you for quitting, I'm sorry about your hand, hopefully you are in a better, cleaner place now. Take care.

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