Common Causes and
Treatments for Insomnia

When you think of insomnia you're thinking of someone who can't sleep for a reasonable amount of time. A typical complaint from an insomniac is not being able to close their eyes or rest their mind for over a few minutes at a time.

There are many reasons for this, ranging from anxiety to bipolar disorder. Yet, sometimes there's no real cause and it can just happen for no apparent reason, but too much activity and physical pain can be causes for someone not being able to sleep at night.

It's also been found that not eating has contributed to someone not being able to sleep. Finding the underlying causes is key to finding a cure for this problem.

  • There are three types of insomnia:transient, which lasts anywhere from a single night to several weeks;
  • acute, which is the inability to sleep well for a single period of at least 3 weeks and may last up to 6 months; and,
  • chronic, which is deemed the most serious. This is when it's happening nightly for at least a month or longer.
There are several options to treating this disorder, the most common being medicinal . If you're reading this article chances are you've laid awake at night watching television and have probably seen at least one commercial for one of these sleeping aids...Ambien, Ambien CR (controlled release), Rozerem, and Lunesta. These are some of the most popular prescribed medicines that doctors use to treat patients dealing with sleep disorders.

It seems in this day and age that sleeping disorders are becoming more common and prevalent. This seems to be the case because with the new line of sleeping pills coming out it clearly shows that there is an increase of sleeping disorders of many variations. Some of the medications out there that's used in treatment of insomnia have proven that it was effective in helping insomniacs wake and sleep at the right time, but it lacks the data information to prove the theory as truth and factual.

Lunesta and Ambien are noted as having a higher psychological dependence than the older brands of sleeping pills, so now cognitive behavior therapy is one of the many options widely used in treating someone dealing with insomnia. This is done using a medication called Rozerem. Rozerem is less likely to cause someone to get hooked on medication and is widely prescribed for those who have a history of overusing their medications.

Some patients have used herbs like chamomile (mixed in tea) and lavender for aromatherapy as a means to relax. Insomnia can also result in a deficiency of magnesium and getting the right amount has proven to improve the quality of a person's sleeping patterns.

Pomegranates are also good for insomniacs since there's a nutrient in the fruit that is helpful in improving everything from immunity to cardiovascular health and, yes, even sleep.

Patients are strongly advised to eliminate as much stress and tension from their lives as they can, as these problems act as triggers and can complicate the everyday life on a person suffering from this disorder.

Chinese medicine has also been introduced into helping those with sleeping disorders and other issues surrounding that.

According to statistics taken from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services it is estimated that 60 million Americans suffer from some type of insomnia and is noted to increase with age. Forty percent of women and thirty percent of men suffer from this.

Women tend to deal with this sleep disorder more than men because of the increased level of responsibilities in their lives. More and more households in the United States are becoming single-run homes and in 75% of them, women are the heads of them. This makes women the sole bread winners. Not only are they the bread winners but they are also taking on the role of mother and father, which makes their lives increasingly difficult when they don't have a partner or spouse to give them the support they need.

If you're having problems getting things off your mind so you can sleep peacefully at night, consult your physician. Your body and mind need their rest so you can be a productive, healthy, and happy individual.


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