Here you will find an index of the interviews we conducted to help you become healthy, wealthy and wise.

Here you will find interviews that might help you find the fastest and best solution to a problem you are experiencing. Why take the long hard road if someone has already been there, done that?


Raising an autistic child in a Christian home
We came across a web site that was created by a doctor with an autistic child. There are many parents with autistic children so we thought they might want to hear what a doctor with an autistic child has to say. The doctor is Valerie L. Richey, MD, ND. Read it.


Achieving Financial Freedom
Have you ever asked yourself, "How can I achieve financial freedom?" Most of us have. We have found a web site that has a lot of good information on that subject. The owner is Oyvind Hennum. Read it.

Congressman John Linder on the Fair Tax Bill
Congressman Linder has a bill in Congress to do away with the IRS and to set up a consumption tax. There are 56 Congressmen and 4 Senators who are co-sponsoring the bill. We interview him to learn more. Read it.


The Art Of Cruising
Thinking about going on a cruise? We did. We had our first annual Everyday Wisdom cruise. What fun. We highly recommend taking a cruise. To make it easier, we had a company help us plan our cruise. They did a great job, so we decided to interview the owner, Arthur Fessiden. Read it.

We hope you have enjoyed what we have so far. Over time we will be adding a lot more to this section. This will be an important part of our website.

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